None of us ever could have predicted the way 2020 has panned out. For us, it symbolised the 20th anniversary of TEMPLESPA. That speaks of parties, champagne, fabulous memories and inspirational speeches, to name but a few. Lockdown, isolation, masks, furlough, social distancing and sanitisation would be words associated with serious health issues, but in fact they have become the lexicon of society all over the world whether one is very well or very poorly.

I for one missed seeing our beautiful TEMPLESPA family at HQ, swapping face-to-face for regular Teams and Zoom calls. We’re a loving family and it’s at times like these when we learn to appreciate the small mementos of a spoken ‘good morning’ or ‘how are you?’ to start your day.

Like many across the country, it’s been an anxious time for TEMPLESPA and for myself personally. The daily news briefing and hearing the fears of hardship and struggles to discovering new and safe ways for our TEMPLESPA family to adapt to the new challenges have all brought their own stresses and anxious feelings. I’m fortunate in that I’m a naturally positive person and I’m an encourager too, but it’s easy to forget this in times of crisis.

I’ve learnt to face anxiety and stress with a dip into my TEMPLESPA treasure chest of products to practice the art of self-care. It truly is a wonderful thing and I recommend everyone schedules in time for themselves. Fuelling yourself with the right food and nourishment is an act of self-care, creating the ultimate nighttime routine with thorough skincare steps (REPOSE to the rescue!) and offloading any thoughts and jobs running around my mind, each in turn are part of my self-care ritual.

So why have we partnered with Mind? Now more than ever, it’s essential we support our own and each other’s mental health. Everyone has mental health and at times it can be better condition than at others.

We wanted the opportunity to share a touch of TEMPLESPA and how we can help everyone to achieve a calm mind. Our hero product for a ‘Good Night’s Sleep in a Jar’ is REPOSE and the perfect friend for our partnership with Mind. It’s an aromatherapy night cream which is beautiful for your face and works to calm and aid relaxation. For every REPOSE purchased from 10th October for World Mental Health Day to the end of the month, you’ll receive a gifted limited edition full-size REPOSE and £6 will be donated to Mind. We encourage you to