I love a new product and when TEMPLESPA gets creative and dives into development, nothing excites me more.  The collaborative process, the inside out refinement (from texture to fragrance), the tenacity of our amazing team to ensure excellence and results-driven formulas, not to mention choosing a name!  Creating a new product is a very special process to witness and one I am always grateful to be a part of.

This Autumn we are launching 3 incredible, standout products, each of them bringing something unique, innovative, and exciting to the TEMPLESPA portfolio.  They sit beautifully within our existing ranges and perfectly compliment the brand that TEMPLESPA has become; bringing soul health and exceptional skincare.

We wanted to focus on ingredients that people are talking about, to offer our customers new experiences that become go-to, everyday products.

When I speak to my colleagues, friends, industry peeps and PR gurus, someone will always, without fail, ask about Glycolic.  The words resurfacing, glowing, brightening crop up time again and for good reason!  I for one love a product that brings radiance to my complexion and especially one I can use on the daily. 

Glycolic and Vitamin C are a powerhouse combination for exfoliating and resurfacing, where the glycolic acid removes dulling surface cells for fresh glowing skin, allowing the vitamin C to penetrate more deeply to even and brighten.  We wanted to bring these ingredients together to feature as a key element in daily skincare rituals, to create a versatile product that can be used alongside people’s top shelf favourites and heighten their benefits. 

And so we did…

GLOWCOLIC, our bright new star, is an exfoliating toner with natural glycolic and vitamin C.  The refreshing formulation, of course, boasts a fab Mediterranean blend to renew, nourish and brighten the complexion.  We have developed this amazing toner to be suitable for all skin types, it is ultra-versatile so you can weave it into your skincare routine as and when you need – from tackling dull, congested skin, targeting problem breakouts, evening pigmentation and helping to prep the skin for serums and moisturisers, GLOWCOLIC is TEMPLESPA’s new smooth operator.

Soul health is an intrinsic part of TEMPLESPA and we’ve been on a mission to help people feel good about themselves from the very beginning.  We pride ourselves on our products being caring for the body, but settling and soothing for the mind too.  When the wonder ingredient CBD kept making an appearance in our research and development talks, we began to learn more about the benefits and couldn’t miss the opportunity to create something that would harness all the incredible properties and results CBD could bring to a formulation, whilst ensuring it sat pretty within the brand and wider product range. 

Worth the hype, CBD has multiple benefits for mind, body and soul, and is one of the hottest trends to hit our skincare and bodycare world.  This wonder ingredient of wellbeing was one we simply had to bring into our TEMPLESPA armoury and celebrate by developing a duo product for both the face and body. 

Anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with skin-correcting, calming and soothing properties, CBD brings optimum skin wellness.

Our CBD skincare, LIGHT RELIEF, is a lightweight superfood oil, designed to support the recovery process.  Offering your skin immediate relief from stress and oversensitivity, with a soothing blend of coconut, hemp and olive oils, this product delivers a deep-down rescue mission for your skin.

To sit alongside this beautiful oil, STRESS NOT, was created for the body, providing relief for muscle and joint pain, relieving stress and anxiety and aiding rest and relaxation.  This all-over balm brings calming relief and comfort to the mind and body for wherever and whenever your skin needs a hug.

Together these 2 are called TO THE RESCUE, a skin super-hero duo that press the reset button for fragile or frazzled skin, achy muscles and tired minds.  An ultimate soul soother.

Last, but by no means least, we step away from ingredients and into the world of skincare technology.  Now, don’t be alarmed!  Over the past few years, technology and skin care have collided more than ever before and, although all us product junkies out there will never say goodbye to our trusted lotions and potions, we can all benefit from a little extra help to upgrade our skincare routines and transform our complexions without a trip to the dermatologist.  So, lets welcome CLEAN UP YOUR ACT to the TEMPLESPA family.  Taking cleansing to the next level, our super-cool sonic wave cleansing brush brightens and purifies, tripling the benefits of your cleanser. 

Double sided and dual function, you can make this clever thing work for you and tailor your cleansing routine as needed.  The cleansing function gently yet deeply purges pores to remove 99.5% of dirt, make-up, impurities and excess oil. The rejuvenation function sends low frequency sonic waves deep into your skin to encourage cell regeneration and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer looking skin.  Good vibrations all round!