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New Year New Detox?

1st January 2020

Put down that detox tea and step away from the juicer

The New Year is here, which means we are being blasted with reasons why its essential that we stock our fridges with kale, buy expensive juicers and our Instagram feeds are full of pictures of salads #detox

Despite the barrage of health information letting us know that it is imperative that we should embark on a detox immediately, it may not be as essential as you are being led to believe!

So before you sprint down to your local health centre for a green gunk smoothie and a colonic irrigation let us share with you a little more about a what detox really is.

Why Detox?
Amazingly, your body is already doing it for you. If you actually needed to detox your doctor would prescribe one for you. The job of your liver and kidneys are to detoxify the blood and remove any impurities keeping your body clean and healthy. Presuming you are healthy there should be absolutely no need to supplement or follow any weird or wonderful diets.

If you’ve had an overly indulgent festive season you might wish to follow a cleanse which is basically giving your kidneys and liver a little holiday. So love your liver and take a break from the bottle, ditch the dairy, cut the caffeine, and give meat a miss for a few weeks. And instead make sure you are eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and veggies, increase your exercise, and if you smoke – quit – or at least cut down. That is it … no special teas, no colonics, super foods … just healthy food and regular exercise Simple!