Most of us jump at the chance of more money. It’s a motivator hey? But let’s be real, along with the promise come questions like ‘what’s the catch and how will it fit into my life?’ and ‘it all sounds like hard work’.

You might have seen a slogan going around that says, ‘Do what you love, everyday’. We kinda like that!

So here’s the secret. What if you could love the work that you do? We know you love skincare products and we know you adore skin care tips. That’s what led you to this blog. What if you could combine your spa love with making money? What if you could sell beauty products from home – or better still, sell TEMPLESPA products? And what if it could be your own business and fit around your lifestyle and family responsibilities?

Whilst we retail in prestigious Harrods store, day spas and online, there are clients who prefer to try luxury beauty products before they buy. They might not live near London, but want personal advice on what is right for their skin. That’s your big opportunity right there.

We could train you to go into people’s homes and teach skin care and spa classes to small groups of friends. You’ll earn 25% or more of what you sell, and get additional goodies and incentives that give product junkies goose bumps!

Does selling beauty products from home sound appealing? To discover more, click here.

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