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The Skincare Benefits of Cold Showers

1st August 2018

What are the Health and Skincare Benefits of Having a Cold Shower?

We asked our customers which is best for you a hot or cold shower? And the answer was a unanimous hot shower! Understandable given the lovely feeling a hot and steamy shower has on a tired body morning or night.  

But taking a cold shower has huge health and skin benefits and we should all take the plunge and see and feel the effects.

The benefits of taking a cold shower include: 

  • A wake-up call for weary minds and bodies – when cold water hits your skin for the first time it’s a bit of a shock and this triggers a faster heart rate and oxygen intake leading to a feeling of being more awake and alert.
  • Increases and stimulates circulation as blood begins to circulate faster to regulate your body temperature.
  • Cools down and calms irritated and itchy skin which reduces the urge to have a good scratch. Perfect for hot summers like this one!
  • Helps reduce muscle strain and soreness – great after a work-out too as cold water stimulates the regenerative process in your muscles.
  • Cold water on the skin constricts blood flow and in turn increases the radiance and glow resulting in healthy looking skin.

But if you can’t face a completely cold shower try, finish your shower with a cool blast at the very least and you’ll begin to see the benefits especially if you follow our cooling shower and skincare ritual.

Our Best Body Cooling Skincare Ritual

1. Step into a cold shower and lather up with our LA LA LAGOON luxury shower gel is the perfect partner. A cool marine blue formula laced with a luxury Mediterranean spa fragrance of peppermint, anise, tea tree and patchouli. Our famous shower gel with skin conditioning aloe vera helps to gently cleanse and ensures your skin is left soft and fresh.

 2. PEACE BE STILL calming award-winning skin balm is the best body lotion for a super lightweight yet effective layer of hydrating and cooling moisture thanks to vitamin b5 and high water content. It’s the perfect top-to-toe daily treat or holiday after sun that leaves a delicious lemon tinged scent on skin.

3. And to continue the body cooling and skincare ritual reach for AAAHHH! soothing foot and limbs balm for your aching feet and body. This amazing light-weight balm formula will chill, calm and refresh all over your body. A tingly and warming sensation from Mediterranean essential oils of peppermint, clove and black pepper soothe away achy feelings anywhere on the body. Great to cool down and refresh at any time of the day. Back of neck, shoulders, pulse points, feet and legs. Blissful respite that will really make you go…AAAHHH!

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