Any sunny weather that has the UK basking brings with it a wealth of positivity; there is no denying it puts us Brits in a great mood! However, glorious sunshine at any time of year can wreak havoc on our skin, often causing excessive oiliness, a shiny complexion and dreaded breakouts. It can also cause dry and dehydrated skin for many of us, our skin can feel stripped of its natural dewy glow and instead we’re left with a parched, dull complexion in need of quenching.

Air conditioning, central heating, hard water, hot showers and steamy baths, pollution and using the wrong skin care for your skin type are all contributing factors to dry and dehydrated skin. The sun and its harmful UV rays are however the biggest contributors and often leaves our skin feeling wiped out.

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?
Although they may sound similar, dry skin and dehydrated skin are in fact 2 very different skin concerns. Dry skin is a skin ‘type’ and generally means you skin is lacking in naturally occurring oils. Dehydrated skin is a skin ‘condition’ and most commonly means your skin is lacking in water which needs to be replenished.

Although dry skin and dehydrated skin often (unfortunately!) come hand in hand, you can have an oily skin type and suffer with dehydrated skin. Alternatively, you could have dry skin but suffer from a different skin condition such as breakouts.

What does it look like? Flaky, coarse, prone to cracking and sometimes quite sore.
What does it feel like? Rough, tight and prone to itchiness.
How do I treat it? Make sure your skin is squeaky clean by double cleansing every evening with our IN THE BEGINNING deep cleansing melt. Daily grime, dirt and bacteria can cause complications if your skin is cracked so keeping it clean and fresh is a must for dry skin. With a unique crystalline structure and packed with calendula, olive fruit oil, basil and lavender its addictive. We call it a facial in a jar!

Regularly exfoliate using BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle exfoliator. This brightening, fruit juice based facial exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day and will help to remove excess flaking that is a common symptom of dry skin that often prevents any goodness from moisturisers and serums getting deep into the skin.

Use a hydration face mask regularly. This is the most important part of dry skin maintenance and we recommend you use our QUENCH rejuvenating mask. This creamy luscious hydration face mask with vitamin c, echinacea and avocado oil can be left on for 20 minutes for intense nourishment and instant hydration, or alternatively leave on overnight for a powerful skin drench and quench of extremely dry skin.

What does it look like? Dull, uneven complexion and visible fine lines.
What does it feel like? Tight, rough and sensitive.
How do I treat it? Dehydrated skin needs a gentle touch and lots of quenching, nourishing skin-loving ingredients. We recommend you use a regular hydration face mask such as QUENCH rejuvenating mask to help replace lost moisture and re-plump and hydrate the skin.

Chances are your dry or dehydrated skin will probably also look dull and lacklustre and in need of a radiance-boost and so we recommend you use a brightening face mask such as THE CONTOURIST firming serum mask. This vitamin C and fruits ferments infused sheet mask helps to instantly brighten a dull complexion as well as firm, lift and smooth visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Dehydrated skin can often feel sensitive and fragile too; if your skin is feeling a little needy, try our sensitive face mask BECALM. Our best face mask for sensitive skin will help to soothe and settle skin that is feeling stressed and in need of CALM with a boost from liquorice, vitamin E and olive fruit extract. A skin hug in a jar!