Beat cellulite in four easy steps

Urgh. Cellulite is not so fab, is it? Whilst there is no cure (despite what clever marketing you might read), it can be reduced with skin energizing and firming products. Here is our no-nonsense guide.

Step 1 - Dry Brushing

Using BRUSH OFF Body Brush is an easy home-treatment that feels wonderful on the skin and with daily use stimulates circulation, eliminates dead skin cells and helps the natural detox process. Brush in long sweeping movements up the body (in the direction of the heart). Start at the feet, followed by legs, hands, arms, tummy, chest and back.

Step 2 - Body Exfoliation

Pop under a warm (not hot) shower to dampen your skin. Take a spatula full of SUGAR BUFF Mediterranean Body Scrub and massage to skin using circular movements. The ingredients have anti-ageing benefits and the stimulation helps improve lymphatic flow. Plus it leaves your skin feeling great and gorgeously fragranced. Rinse off with clean, warm water.

Step 3 - Slimming Treatment

Touch dry your skin, then use GO FIGURE Anti-cellulite & Slimming Gel and NO PAIN NO GAIN Body Massager together on your thighs, tummy and buttocks. GO FIGURE is our ‘magic knickers in a bottle’ and contains a special complex that energises the skin, plus essential oils that are stimulating, they also smell divine!

Step 4 - Firming & Rejuvenation

Finish off with DUVET Firming Cream, which will wrap you in wonderful Mediterranean goodness. On special occasions indulge your skin with the luxury of BODY TRUFFLE Total Body Rejuvenation, for skin that simply glows with life.

Let us know how you get on – we love comments and feedback.