We all know we should be using an eye cream, but do you actually know why we should be using one, or even how to apply eye cream? There’s a lot of information out there and it can get a little confusing trying to figure out the basics, so we’ve answered all of your essential eye cream questions here. You can thank us later!

Why should I use an eye cream?

Did you know your eyes are one of the first places to show the visible signs of ageing on the skin? The skin around the eyes is considerably thinner than anywhere else on your face or body, making it one of the most delicate and vulnerable areas on the body that requires extra TLC. The skin around the eye also has less oil glands than other areas of skin which means it’s more prone to dryness and dehydration and has a less speedy cell regeneration process. Without special attention, the eye area will quickly bare all of signs of wear and tear; under-eye bags, puffiness and fine lines & wrinkles to name a few.

Enter eye cream; a type of product specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. These hard-working formulas shouldn’t be confused with regular moisturisers; they are generally lighter in texture than facial moisturisers and contain active ingredients that target specific eye concerns and signs of ageing. Using the wrong type of moisturiser around your eyes can often lead to puffiness as the products are too ‘heavy’ for this fragile area.

When should I start using an eye cream?

If you’re not already using an eye cream, start now. There are eye creams for all skin types and the earlier you incorporate this product into your routine the better. We see everyday use and treatment of this delicate area as long-term insurance for healthy and youthful looking eyes.

How do I incorporate an eye cream into my skin care regime?

For best results, you should use an eye cream morning and night. After toning and after applying your serum, simply pop the eye cream on around the eye area and leave to sink in. Follow with your favourite TEMPLESPA moisturiser, but be careful to avoid your delicate eye area!

How do I apply an eye cream?

Always on clean skin. Our top tip is to apply eye cream using your ring finger. The reason for this is that the ring finger applies the lightest touch and therefore will be extra gentle on the delicate eye area, helping to avoid dragging the skin and treating it kindly.
Dispense the eye cream on to your ring fingers (about as much as a grain of rice for both eyes as a little goes a long way), and gently pat in, starting at the hollow of your eye area and along the brow bone. After patting the eye cream in, hold your fingers at your temples for a moment of calm. Be careful to avoid the eye lid- this part of the eye shouldn’t need moisturising. Something to note is that if your skin moves around when you’re applying product then you’re applying too much pressure, ease off!

Choosing the right eye cream

Looking for a lightweight eye cream that will leave your eyes looking and feeling fresh, looking smoother and more radiant? Look no further than WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, our best eye cream for dark circles and eye puffiness. This daily anti-ageing eye gel-cream is super lightweight and packed full of free radical scavenging antioxidants and botanical ingredients, eyebright, edelweiss and vitamin E. Specifically formulated to cool, lift and reduce puffiness, this uber gentle daily eye cream is suitable for all skin types , even sensitive, as well as all skin ages… making it the perfect introductory eye cream.

If your eyes are showing signs of ageing, a well lived life, laughter lines or if your skin is more mature and dry then you may need a bit more help from and eye cream that will help to treat deeper lines and wrinkles. You should definitely try EYE TRUFFLE, our anti-wrinkle eye cream. This anti-ageing eye cream helps to smooth, brighten, firm up and deeply hydrate the skin around the eye area thanks to an abundance of high-tech active ingredients such as the cutting edge stem cell complex from alfalfa and lupin seeds plus collagen boosting peptides and highly anti-oxidant black summer truffles which together target all signs of ageing skin around the eyes.