We all want to achieve that beautiful ‘golden glow’ look that suggests a summer well spent on a tropical island somewhere far, far away. Where your hair dries naturally wavy from the salty sea water, your newly emerged freckles give you a happy, healthy, and radiant appearance and your skin is bronzed from the suns warm, balmy rays.
Mmmm…. bliss.

With this awareness of skin damage caused from harmful UV rays emitted from the sun rising every year, and well, lack of funding for our extravagant summer holiday plans (we can all dream!), learning how to apply fake tan on face using LOVELY DAY, our bronzing gel for face can help achieve the look you are longing for. We think we have some of the best tanning products out there, that can help give you that ‘golden glow’ without any sun damage!

We’ve shared our top fake tanning tips for you already, but knowing how to put fake tan on face is a whole different ball game. Read our top facial fake tanning do’s and don’ts below to avoid that orange, streaky look we all fear:


Prep & prime
It is so important to make sure you face is prepped and primed ready for the application of fake tan. You can do this in 2 easy steps:
1. Exfoliate- after cleansing, gently buff your skin with BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE facial exfoliator to ensure a soft, polished and even skin surface. Often wonder ‘why does my fake tan go patchy?’ Exfoliating beforehand will give you the even coverage you are after.
2. Lightly moisturise- use one of our daily moisturisers for hydrated and smooth skin. The most common cause of patchy fake tan is dry skin, so moisturising beforehand will help to prevent this.
Begin with areas that typically tan first
So you’re ready to apply fake tan! Make sure you begin with area that typically tan first and then work outwards; the nose, forehead and chin. This will help to give a natural look and prevents using too much product as well.
Build it up
Apply a little to begin with and then gradually build up the coverage. If you apply too much fake tan on face to begin with you may end up a little darker than you had desired and with streaks. Build and blend is our motto!
Pay extra attention to your hairline and jawline
When applying fake take on face can, it can often collate at the hairline and jawline. Make sure you use minimal product in these areas and blend to prevent this from happening.
Wash your hands afterwards
So simply, but so important. Ever stood in the bathroom scrubbing your orange palms until their red raw or soaked them in astringent lemon juice? It’s a painful and lengthy procedure to remove fake tan from the hands, and often you are left scrubbing under nails for weeks after! Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards to avoid this fake tanning faux par.
Make sure you remove fake tan thoroughly
We’re often asked ‘how to get rid of fake tan on face?’. It depends on what type of fake tan you use. If you are using our LOVELY DAY instant bronzing gel, simply wash off with your cleanser after use. If you are using a non-wash off fake tan, then daily cleansing and exfoliating will remove the product gently without leaving streaks and patches.
It is so important to make sure you remove fake tan on face thoroughly. This is to help prevent breakouts, spots and even acne.


Use a different shade on your face
When putting fake tan on face, do not use a different shade. We repeat, DO NOT USE A DIFFERENT SHADE. Although it may seem scary to put the same fake tan on your face as your body, you want the tan to look well-blended so make sure it is the same shade as your neck and décolleté.
• Touch your face as the tan develops
If you touch your face whilst the fake tan is settling, it may cause streaks and patchy areas so avoid doing this if possible!
Apply makeup straight away afterwards
Give the fake tan time to settle and fully develop. If you rush to quickly apply makeup and get out the door, you risk ruining all your hard work and causing streaks and patchy areas.