Dear Friends,

Welcome to Awesome August! August means my veggie patch is abundant and with a glut of courgettes, I thought you might like to share 3 of my favourite and super-easy recipes.

Summer is now in full swing and even though we’re all trying to decipher and navigate the many and differing ‘rules’ that come our way, it does feel rather wonderful to appreciate some re-found freedom and liberties.

As I look back over the past year and see the heart behind my blogs, there’s a pattern and common theme and I guess you’d call it finding the FEEL-GOOD-FACTORS during what has arguably been one of the strangest seasons of our lives.

Mark, my husband always says that things don’t grow as well on the mountain top as in the valley and that’s true, not only in ecological terms, but in our daily lives, both spiritually and emotionally; For sure, the mountain top is great for the long-range view and perspective and is a reward for the climb it took to get there. But, when we’re in the valley, it has a lushness, vegetation and life of its own that when dug into, can provide life changing revelations that can only happen when we are forced to be still, our resources depleted, crisis or disappointment looms and our way out and through isn’t yet clear.

It was on August 28th, 22 years ago that Mark & I renewed our vows on the beautiful island of Cyprus and cast our vision to conceive and create our own brand Templespa. We’d been in a bit of a valley, having taken a year out to consider our future, but it was in that place of reflection and slower life sabbatical, that we were given the space and freedom to dream again.

The famous photo Mark took on the morning of our ceremony captured a horizon that became our focus and we wrote our mantra which has become the very foundation of our brand

So, as you move through this lovely month of August sunny days and balmy nights, there will be FEEL GOOD FACTORS in each one. They may be on top of your mountain, or they may be in your valley, but they’re there and we’d love to hear about them, so do share and tag #TEMPLESPA.


With love, Liz xx