Welcome to AMAZING APRIL and although as a month it’s been given the rather bad press of “April showers” I don’t personally think this is very fair when considering all the great things it has going for it! Let’s start with goodbye winter, hello spring; lighter nights with the possibilities of early evening strolls or bike rides and even an after work cheeky glass of wine outside. Baby lambs dance in the fields, bluebells carpet the woods, glossy tulips look their absolute best, the barbecue gets a make-over ready for alfresco eating and a whole different energy and sparkle emerges….so that’s what I focus on in April!

Speaking of energy, I’m thrilled to announce we are re-launching our Energising Soul Therapy range this month. This is a complete aromatherapy collection and is called Energy & Joy. Of course it is! Joy is a word that comes up over and over again in TEMPLESPA. It is quite distinct from happiness, which is something that we feel due to external factors. Joy is inner wear that comes from a deeper place of gratitude and grounding even in the midst of a storm. Why Soul Therapy? Simply put, these ranges whether for energy or peace are therapy for the soul and partner with you on your journey to holistic wellness.

I know we’re all familiar with the concept of peace and relaxation and the tendency is to veer towards these sensory remedies when we feel stressed, tired or in need of some serious wind down. But in reality, we often need a burst of energy and to uplift our spirits. Whether we wake up groggy, get brain fog in the middle of the day, are recovering from being out-of-sorts, or to rouse ourselves for an evening out, you will love this new range of delicious treats.

We have developed a beautiful aromatic blend, tweaking it over and over until we landed on something truly stunning. It has essential oils of ginger, the citruses, bergamot, eucalyptus, thyme and cooling mint; these are carefully balanced to create this fusion that will re-energise, awaken the senses and give a confidence boosting ‘go-for-it!’ vibe!

So here’s the energising ritual. Start with an invigorating shower with SIMPLY THE ZEST Good Vibes Shower Gel to kickstart your morning (or revive you in the evening), don’t forget to blast out your Tina Turner number whilst in there! Follow this by applying lashings of SOUL FOOD Glow Boost Body Lotion to hydrate and brighten. Spritz JOY-FULL The Energise & Feel-Good Mist on your body and the space around you for an instant refreshing hit that will carry the scent with you all day.

Light THE GOOD LIFE Invigorating Aromatic Candle whenever you need a positive ambience and always carry with you BREATH OF LIFE our inhalation essence that is your secret weapon and antidote to weariness and mental overload. Breath of Life is a beautiful blend of tea tree, menthol, eucalyptus and lavender and a few drops can be popped on the base of your shower, into your bath, onto a tissue to breathe in or as a vapour to steam. There you have it, your capsule of energy and who doesn’t need a little more of that?!


So dear friends, enjoy the glorious month of April and have a little browse on our newly launched website to see the spring newness there.


Much love

Liz xx