We give our love and donate to a number of key charities that we believe we can make a difference to. We have partnered with the Mariposa Trust because baby loss is a global issue and a cause that touches us all; if we haven’t experienced baby loss ourselves, we will know someone who has. One in every four pregnancies ends in loss, either during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy. The Mariposa Trust is the only international charity supporting anyone who has lost a baby – whether that loss was yesterday or 70 years ago. They are leading the way in providing better support for anyone going through loss, and in increasing awareness of the size and scale of the issue.

The trust is led by the founders Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates who started the charity after losing five babies and having nowhere to turn to for the support they so desperately needed. That was in 2012 and since then it has grown at an extraordinary pace, which goes to show how vitally it was needed.

Every person experiences grief in their own way and they can feel a wide range of emotions so the Mariposa Trust aims to provide a comprehensive support service for when a person feels able to work through their grief.

How can you help?

Our mission is to support The Mariposa Trust in raising funds for a 24 hour helpline, so that people who lose a baby always have a safe, kind and knowledgeable someone to turn to.

We are donating 10% of all sales of Take A Moment and Repose throughout October to the Mariposa Trust. When you spend £65 or more on TEMPLESPA products you can purchase our Exclusive Mariposa Trust gift, Take A Moment, a 4-piece collection of the ultimate stress-relieving essentials that will leave your mind, body & soul feeling relaxed and restored.