Today we are thankful again to all of our courageous NHS stars who continue to take care of our vulnerable people, putting themselves in the front line for us every day and night. We’re grateful beyond belief.

We know each day takes its toll with aching feet, dry and chapped hands, frazzled minds and no down-time to treat and relax.

We asked our customers to nominate their NHS star and to say “thank-you” we donated 400 each of our cute care packages, ALL WELL & GOOD and ALL BETTER product collections, delivered straight to their door. We received thousands of entries for our incredible front-line heroes and this is our small way of saying, “You’re amazing”.

“Despite having 3 young children, Jeanette has continued like many other NHS staff to work every day. She has expressed a wish that although being very grateful for offers of free pizza, Coffee etc she would rather it be given to poor and home- less. I just think she is the most caring selfless person I know and deserves this special treat.”

“I am nominating this person because she’s just worked a 12 day straight shift with 2 nights on call. She is protecting people from the virus, offering advice and providing people with their medications when they have been told to self-Iso-late. And as we know some medication negatively effects the Covid-19. She is beyond hardworking and she deserves to have a pamper day when she finally gets a day off.”

To all our NHS Stars “We truly hope these care packages will help bring a little bit of spa me-time to your day. Our deepest thanks for being our frontline; for caring, protecting and nurturing the nation. We truly appreciate you and everyone in the NHS from the bottom of our hearts”.

If you know someone who deserves a little pick me up at the moment then check out our doorstep treats and spread the word on wellness.