Winter is over. Spring is come. The sound of doves is heard in the land. Song of Solomon 2:11 & 12

Let us welcome beautiful Spring. It’s been a long winter and even though we’re living in very strange and precarious times right now, when we see daffodils and tulips popping up and baby lambs in the fields, we’re reminded of the natural process of rebirth and renewal. It is something we can rely on and for sure, these days too shall pass, and summer and better times will be soon be here.

For me, a sure sign of spring is that undeniable urge to throw open the windows, clear down surfaces and brighten up rooms with cut flowers, lighter furnishings and some treasured Easter decorations collected over the years. Cleaning and sprucing up is cathartic and as the weekend draws closer, I’ll be getting the paint pot out for touch-ups around the house & garden too.

This year we’ll all have to adapt our Easter traditions without the usual gatherings of friends and family but, nevertheless, I will bake, decorate and celebrate this beautiful time of year, embracing the changes and making new traditions. With more reason than ever to spread love and kindness, I’ve been thinking of ways in which to make a difference and connect with people at a distance. Permit me to share them with you, it might inspire.

If there is one thing I love to do and it’s now become somewhat of a trademark in Temple Spa is making and sending beautiful packages; we send every parcel out with love and care, making it a lovely experience for the recipient to open.

So, from my home this year, I’m making little care parcels of goodies and wrapping them in squares of fabric tied with raffia. Depending on the recipient, it might include a length of yellow gingham ribbon, some tiny chocolate eggs, handwritten verses of hope tied onto a few sprigs of lavender, a calming tea-bag and some mini Temple Spa products. I’m going to leave these as doorstep gifts to neighbours and friends close by.

There’s many ways to do a care package with little to no cost; sharing a favourite old book wrapped in brown paper & string, a poignant passage or inspirational quote hand-written beautifully, a cellophane wrapped home-made cookie, a tissue wrapped tea-light with a promise of a prayer attached, a much loved magazine, a list of feel-good factor uplifting movies or a sweet postcard. We all have bits and bobs lying around the house to inspire a parcel of kindness, little thoughts and gifts that will lift the spirits, warm the heart and show someone you are thinking of them.

Easter Sunday is the end of lent and whether or not this is part of your personal tradition, I’ll close by sharing some wisdom Mark and I gained from a priest who was recently staying with us; it’s good for us all to consider, especially at this time of understandable stress. He inspired us that lent wasn’t so much about giving up; but rather giving out. If we concentrate on giving out more kindness, patience, generosity, consideration, encouragement and love, we will all get through this and be the better for it.

With all my love, prayers and best wishes from my home to yours
Liz xx