Why Truffle as name and an ingredient? In 2010 while at our Swiss Laboratory with our lab scientists and formulators Liz Warom, founder of TEMPLESPA and MD, was discussing how we might celebrate our 10th birthday.

Well how do you usually celebrate milestones and good news in life generally? With Champagne, wonderfully rich and delicious food such as strawberries, indulgent chocolates, rare food finds such as truffles. Precious gems totally synonymous with celebrating too, diamonds especially, add in gold and silk and you have a bountiful recipe for luxury and celebration. 

Then came the eureka moment, our formulator said, “ Every single one of these ingredients will deliver serious benefit to the skin. High in anti-oxidants , rich in essential and nutritional elements to improve the look and feel of the skin. Improve texture, hydration levels, plumpness and help turn back time for great looking skin. Combined together they are a powerhouse recipe for an amazing story and the best anti-aging products.

But what else is it about moments of celebration? Think of the gleaming and glowing faces of the ecstatically happy. How can this be bottled and on tap when needed for skin that’s lacking a bit of radiance and resilience?

Well our clever formulators had the answer to that too and introduced HappyBelle-PE™. This is an ingredient  that has Phyto-Endorphine capabilities meaning that it enhances the way you feel and brings a good news glow to your skin.  Distilled from Mediterranean Monks Pepper Berries it technically increases happiness in the skin that you can see and feel. 

Taking all of these great ingredients into the lab and voila our Truffle family story was born and the first product SKIN TRUFFLE created to mark the occasion. 

We call SKIN TRUFFLE a celebration for the skin and the fact it has won multiple awards and made its way into the Anti-Ageing Bible Hall of fame with the highest ever score for a product speaks volumes.

Brightening & Rejuvenating Face Cream
| 50 ml