What is Sodium Hyaluronate?

Lets get to know this skincare ingredient; where it comes from, the benefits and why Sodium Hyaluronate is the ultimate moisturiser, from dry eyes to aging skin.

As one of the safest and most effective ingredients you could hope for, Sodium Hyaluronate has many benefits, most importantly it is safe and natural for all skin types. A derivative of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), specifically, Sodium Hyaluronate is a salt form of HA. So, what is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar found naturally in the connective tissue of humans; our joints, eyes and our skin, it can hold a remarkable amount of water and helps maintain hydration and prevent moisture loss.

Hyaluronic Acid is abundant in the dermis of young skin, but levels of this important compound decline with age, our skin becomes drier and more prone to wrinkles. Whilst HA works on the skin’s surface to attract and bind water and hydrate the skin, Sodium Hyaluronate, as an extract, has a lower molecular weight than HA so it’s more easily absorbed into pores and can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Since Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the dermis of the skin, products that contain Sodium Hyaluronate help to replace HA lost as a result of the natural skin aging process, healing and firming as they work.

This natural occurrence in the human body makes for a popular skin care choice that isn’t toxic and won’t damage the skin. It’s non-irritating and is usually well tolerated even by people with sensitive skin. The hydrating benefits of Sodium Hyaluronate are complemented by its gentle nature, it is also non-comedogenic so it can be highly hydrating and moisturising without clogging pores. Because it is naturally occurring, when the ingredient is used in skin care products, it mimics the natural behaviour of the skin, meaning even the most sensitive skin is not likely to experience any type of adverse reaction.

Sodium Hyaluronate’s stable nature, resistance to oxidation and magic water-binding properties makes it an extremely effective and popular ingredient in skincare. As it has greater compatibility than pure HA, it has more powerful results, helping the skin absorb the hydrating benefits of a product and improve firmness, smooth wrinkles and plump the skin.

Dry or mature skin requires a deeper level of moisturisation to fill out the collagenic structure, improve elasticity and increase moisture levels. Sodium Hyaluronate, with its 3D molecular structure, can act as a sponge, drawing forth and locking down moisture at a deeper level for longer. Because SH is water soluble and able to attract and bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water, the skin’s moisture levels can be maintained more effectively encouraging the absorption of nutrients that are applied to the skin afterward.

In moisturisers, Sodium Hyaluronate may be combined with other hydrating ingredients that form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, further increasing skin’s ability to hold onto water without leaving any greasy residue.

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