You may have come across the term ‘dehydrated skin’ and thought, well isn’t that dry skin? It’s actually not, they’re similar but different. Anyone can have dehydrated skin, even oily and blemish-prone skin. It’s when your skin is lacking in hydration – and every skin type needs hydration to carry on protecting and balancing your skin, basically doing its job.

Dehydrated skin can typically look dull, show premature signs of aging and experience itchiness. The pinch test will help you know if you have dehydrated skin; simply pinch a small amount of skin on your cheek and if your skin snaps back, you’re likely not dehydrated but if it takes a few moments to bounce back, it’s likely that you are dehydrated.

To compare to dry skin, this is where your skin can appear flaky, have white flakes and redness or irritation, which is because its lacking oils or lipids. Dry skin is considered a skin type, rather than dehydration which is considered a condition. But back to dehydrated skin.

Now you know if you have dehydrated skin, there are some simple tips and products you can add to your skin care routine.

1. Use A Replenishing Mask

To inject moisture into skin, we use QUENCH and it quite literally quenches your skin’s thirst! The luxurious and rejuvenating mask is packed with ingredients like avocado, blackberry, red pepper and our Phirmaderm™ complex that intensely hydrate the skin. Pop on a generous layer for 10 minutes or leave a thin layer overnight for a deep treatment


2. Water rich foods in diet

Time to up your water intake! What can help with dehydrated skin is to replenish lost hydration with more hydration. Aiming to drink more water, add more water rich foods to your diet like melon, cucumber, tomatoes, oranges and apples will help top up hydration levels.

3. Spritz with a hydration mist

Notice your skin becoming duller and drier as the day goes on? Add a hydration mist like our TONING ESSENCE. Not only is it a toner but it’s full of amazing Mediterranean extracts that it’s an ideal facial mist. Simply spritz on top of your makeup and skincare to hydrate your skin.

4. Sheet Mask For Instant Hydration

When dehydrated skin is in dire need, THE CONTOURIST comes to the rescue. Look for sheet masks with hydrating ingredients that help replenish the skin. THE CONTOURIST includes algae that’s a superfood ingredient with minerals, vitamins and peptides to hydrate the skin.


5. Turn The Temperature Down!

We all love a hot shower but too hot and it can strip our skin of essential oils that causes dehydration. Try to turn down the temperature and avoid washing your face in the shower.

6. Cleanse with a muslin cloth and In The Beginning

A good cleanser for dehydrated skin with lift away dirt, makeup and oil and leave your skin feeling plump. A cleanser like IN THE BEGINNING will work deep into your pores, then with a muslin cloth like TAKE IT OFF to polish the skin but not strip it.

7. Treat Your Skin Overnight

Our skin never sleeps, it’s always renewing and working hard! So a facial oil is a great super boost for dehydrated complexions. Take IT’S ALL GOOD Nutritious Boost Facial Oil, a wonderful hydrating formula that works to target dehydrated skin and looking glowy, not greasy. Add on a mini facial massage for that spa-at-home feeling!


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