The rise of facial cleansing brushes has many asking the questions, what is a facial cleansing brush, how do I use one and what are the benefits? Let us take you through the best facial cleansing brush from TEMPLESPA and what one can do for you.

We start our skincare routines with a cleanser and their purpose is to lift away makeup, dirt and oil from the day. But sometimes these things can get stuck deeper into our pores and a cleansing brush for the face can help to reach those areas with your cleanser.

A silicone facial cleanser is popular because they are non-porous and are a hygienic option in comparison to nylon bristles. Keep them clean and wash after every use, ensuring it’s completely dry before using. Facial cleansing brushes act as a mini facial for our skin and penetrate deep into your pores to help keep your skin clean and fresh. They also have an added benefit of aiding in encouraging cell regeneration and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer looking skin.

The TEMPLESPA CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Sonic Wave Cleansing Brush offers a cleansing side and a rejuvenating side, the best of both worlds in a facial brush! It’s waterproof so you can add it to your shower routine, maximises the benefits of your cleanser and reveals healthier and firmer skin.


How To Use A Facial Cleansing Brush:


Step 1

Massage your cleanser with your fingertips across your face. We love using DUAL ACT with CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, a great pair for combination skin types!


Step 2

Switch your facial cleansing brush or CLEAN UP YOUR ACT on and start to cleanse your skin using circular movements. Our cleansing facial brush delivers 8000 sonic pulsations per minute and you can control the intensity on the device.


Step 3

Every 15 seconds CLEAN UP YOUR ACT will briefly pause the pulsations, so you know when it’s time to focus on another area of your face. Ensure each area gets a good cleanse!


Step 4

Remove your cleanser as you would normally. For an extra treat, our TAKE IT OFF muslin cloths a brilliant for gently exfoliating the skin and lifting away all of your cleanser

So now you know how to use a cleansing brush for the face, here are some parting tips for you:


  • Start slowly and build up. Use once or twice a week in your skincare routine and gradually build up your skin tolerance.
  • Clean after every use. Silicone brushes are more hygienic than nylon bristles, but still need a clean to keep them in good condition.
  • Go beyond cleansing. We love to use the rejuvenation side of CLEAN UP YOUR ACT to help firm our skin and encourage cell regeneration!
  • Pair your brush with the right cleanser. Cream, gel and balm cleansers work great as they’re super gentle and work in harmony with a silicone brush.
  • Don’t share your brush with anyone else. Like you wouldn’t share a toothbrush, treat it as your personal spa partner! This prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps your skin healthy.


Go forth and pick up a facial cleansing brush and enjoy it! We wouldn’t be without our facial cleansing brush and love to give our skin that extra TLC to keep our skin happy and healthy.