Here’s an insider secret for you, by neglecting your lymphatic system you’re missing out on big health and beauty benefits! The appetite for at-home beauty tricks like dry body brushing or going all the way with a lymphatic drainage massage is only growing. Your lymph is truly an unsung hero of the body so let’s get into why you need to pick up dry body brushing and discover lymphatic drainage massages.


What is lymphatic drainage?

It’s a gentle ‘detox’ treatment to help your body get rid of toxins, boost energy levels and avoid skin looking congested, puffy and inflamed. Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system and is a vast network of channels, ducts and nodes that bathe cells in liquid to help deliver nutrients and oxygen from your bloodstream. It also works vice versa by taking away those pollutants and toxins from the cells to be processed elsewhere. Rather than being transported around your body by your heart pumping it around, your lymphatic system relies on movement, muscle contractions, gravity and the breath to keep flowing. This is where dry body brushing and lymphatic drainage massages come into play to help push around those nutrients and take away toxins!


What are the benefits of dry body brushing and lymphatic drainage massage?

In short there are many! And by having a healthy lymph you can reap the benefits from feeling healthier, better recovery from sport and exercise, aiding in bloating and heavy legs from water retention and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Keep your lymph flowing and in perfect working order with dry body brushing, an ancient technique that’s been used for centuries, and you’ll being seeing benefits in no time.

What dry body brushing does is via gentle and repetitive movements in the same direction towards your heart, you’re helping to push the fluid and toxins towards your lymph nodes. Try following along with our how-to guide below to skin brushing and pick up your GIVING IT THE BRUSH OFF Detoxing Dry Body Brush to get started!

Besides the brilliant health benefits from using a body brush regularly, you’ll find your skin is smoother and softer as dead skin cells are lifted away and newer firmer skin cells can push through to the surface. When you lift away a layer of dead skin cells, you’ll also benefit your body care from better absorption so you’re never wasting your luxurious BODY TRUFFLE! All in all, the benefits of dry body brushing are ones to be listened to.

How do I dry body brush?

We always recommend you do so on dry skin before showering or bathing and starting at your feet, working in quick swift firm movements up your limbs towards your heart until you have completed all over your body. For any areas like the back of your legs and upper arms, you can spend a little longer time on these areas and focus in, otherwise a few minutes on each limb is sufficient. Have a read of our How To Dry Body Brush for the full guide if you’re unsure.  


We hope you’ve found our guide on lymphatic drainage massage and dry body brushing insightful and will be picking up your exfoliating body brush in no time!