The magic of The Mediterranean has been a constant source of inspiration to us at TEMPLESPA since our travels there some 21 years ago.  Woven into the fabric of TEMPLESPA, the Mediterranean is the very soul of the brand and brings warmth and romance, joy and vitality to our skincare and how we do business.

In our 20th Anniversary year in 2020, many wonderful memories of when and where the brand was conceived have revisited us; in the Mediterranean landscapes and orange trees, the azure seas and vibrancy of the people not to mention the heady aromas of lavender, rose and jasmine.  Our memories are so laced with scent, with so much evoked in a single smell, the fifth sense is a powerful one and the power of fragrance is something very special.   

Fragrance has always been important to us as a brand and our relationship with scent is ritualistic.  From spritzing a perfume on in the morning, lighting a favourite candle in the evening, to the smell of our favourite flowers, we form a deep bond with scent and it affects us all differently, in different parts of our lives.  Selecting a fragrance is such a personal experience and one where we must be true to ourselves and how it makes us feel, finding those unique notes that resonate.

In celebration of our 20th milestone year in 2020 we wanted to create our first fine fragrance to honour the journey, bless the Mediterranean birthplace of TEMPLESPA and celebrate all that we believe about the power of the human spirit, the individuality of each precious person and their unique gift.  

We chose our long-standing fragrance partner of 21 years to work with us in capturing and creating MY ESSENCE, a fragrance that would celebrate all that TEMPLESPA is yet adapt exclusively to the individual.  We first met our perfumer in Grasse, on the trip that conceived TEMPLESPA, our sabbatical that took us south, through France down to the Riviera.  A treasured stop-off point in a beautiful Cote D’Azur valley, close to the Mediterranean Sea, is where we came to know Grasse.  An area famous for perfumery with a heritage that goes back to the 18th century, Grasse is home to the world’s best perfumers, growers and harvesters of the finest ingredients, ingredients we have now been sourcing and using in our skincare for 20 years. 

Capturing the very essence of TEMPLESPA was important in developing our fragrance and, of course, it would have to be the best blend of wonderfully evocative Mediterranean aromas.  Fragrances are such personal and important choices for people, a perfume can define you, change a mood and mindset and so we wanted to create something individual, expressive and empowering.  We wanted to distil the spirit of our brand and to translate it into an original, sophisticated and memorable perfume.

MY ESSENCE is more than just a scent, composed like a Mediterranean melody with zesty top notes of bergamot and petitgrain, blooming with a heart of jasmine, neroli and rose absolute and resting on a base of cedarwood and amber.  The soul of the perfume is a secret essence that cleverly adapts to release a scent that’s exclusively and uniquely yours.

There’s only one you. You have a heart, a soul and unique essence and so does our first fine fragrance.