You *know* how important the right facial cleanser is for the health, youth and vitality of your skin but if your current cleansing routine isn’t cutting the mustard then how do you even begin to make a change? There’s a wealth of options, brands, skin personalities and skin types for you to consider. Where to start? We suggest, with the basics. It’s a beauty truth that healthy, glowing skin starts with a cleanser that soothes, settles and nourishes whilst catering to your individual skin needs. Here’s how you find your perfect cleanser.


What are the benefits of cleansing the skin?

Air pollution, makeup grime and your skin’s natural oils – as the day goes on, your skin will pick up dirt and grime and this build-up can clog pores and exacerbate skin concerns. The right cleanser removes these impurities and keeps your skin fresh and clean, meaning you can ward off skin problems such as breakouts, redness and skin irritation. Not only that, but an effective cleanser will also allow other products like serums and moisturisers to be better absorbed for the healthiest, happiest skin possible.


 What’s your skin type?

All skin types will benefit from an effective cleansing routine, but each type will have its own needs. Dry skin, for example, could benefit from rich and creamy hydration whereas oily skin may require a lighter formula that helps to clean away excess oil. Recognising and understanding your skin type is the first step to achieving great skin. If you’re not sure of your skin type (or you’re wondering if your skin type may have changed as you’ve matured) then there’s a simple way to find out. 


Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry and wait for around 30 minutes. 

  • If your skin is shiny; you likely have oily skin
  • If your skin is shiny but only on the t-zone; you likely have combination skin
  • If your skin feels tight and has become flaky or itchy; you likely have dry skin
  • If your skin is comfortable and hydrated; you likely have normal skin.

Once you’ve discovered your skin type, you can set to work on finding your perfect cleanser.

The best cleanser for oily skin?

If your skin is oily then deeply purifying yet lightweight cleansers are likely to become your new best friend. Avoid thick creams which may clog and suffocate skin and look for a gentle cleanser that will purify without stripping.

Our WAY TO GO Purifying Cleansing Wash is the dream partner for oily skin. The cooling, lightweight texture is enriched with a unique Seberderm™ complex that’s been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of oily skin. It also incorporates a host of soothing, cleansing botanicals including bergamot, anise and balm mint as well as vitamin A which is known to prevent breakouts and promote a healthy complexion.


The best cleanser for sensitive skin? 

If you have sensitive skin then it likely communicates loudly and clearly with you when you’re using the wrong products. Redness, dryness and itchiness are all signs that your cleanser isn’t the right choice for you. If you’re living with red and dry skin, then we promise that there’s a solution to help your skin glow – the key to health is answering your skin needs.

BE GONE Kind-Hearted Cleansing Crème is tender loving care for sensitive skin in TEMPLESPA packaging. It features the unique Calmaderm™ complex which combines skin softening apricot oil, antioxidant rich beetroot extract and soothing oat extracts. With lavender acting as an anti-inflammatory salve and lecithin to strengthen the skin’s barrier, your sensitive skin will breathe a sigh of relief.

The best cleanser for combination skin?

Combination skin can require the most love of all skin types. While the t-zone will require a mattifying and lightweight formula, cheeks may be dry, prone to redness and in need of something a little more intensely nourishing. Fear not though, while this skin type may be the neediest of them all, it will thrive with the right cleanser.

Our DUAL ACT Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion is a highly intelligent formula that acts as two cleansers in one by treating multiple skin types at once. Incorporating the unique Combiderm™ complex which hydrates dryness whilst using antiseptic and anti-microbial ingredients to target excess oil, this cleansing salve is the answer to combination skin’s prayers.


The best cleanser for dry skin?

Without the right cleanser, dry skin may appear dull or lacklustre. A formula that’s too drying could leave skin itchy and flaky and, conversely, even strip away too many of the skin’s natural oils leading your skin to overcompensate and cause breakouts. Vitamin E can be the perfect supplement for dry skin as it helps to reduce water loss.

Our IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt is the sort of cleanser that dry skin sufferers will quickly learn they can’t live without. This buttery textured formula has won a slew of awards (most recently the Beauty Bible 2023 Gold award for skin balm) and features melting exfoliating beads that deliver vitamin E directly to your epidermis. Even the driest skin will glow with health and vitality with this wonder product.

Add a super boost your cleansing routine

Depending on which cleanser you choose, there will likely be an optimum way to use it. Our WAY TO GO cleanser for example, is best applied to damp skin and rinsed off again with warm water, while our BE GONE can be applied to dry skin and removed using a cloth. But, if you’re looking to boost your cleanser’s effectiveness or perhaps add a weekly boost to your regime then consider using these radiance enhancing goodies.


How to cleanse with a muslin cloth

Our TAKE IT OFF Muslin Cleansing Cloths are made from super soft pure cotton. These humble cloths can elevate and add a deep cleaning element to your skincare regime and work with any of our TEMPLESPA cleansers.


  1. As with all cleansing routines, wash your hands before you begin
  2. Apply your cleanser by massaging into dry or damp skin
  3. Rinse your muslin cloth in hot water
  4. Squeeze out excess water and place cloth over your skin for five seconds to allow your pores to open
  5. Gently polish away the cleanser using circular motions
  6. Finish by running the cloth under the cold water and holding over skin for five seconds


How to use a facial cleansing brush

Cleansing brushes are relatively new to the cleansing market and our CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Sonic Wave Cleansing Brush can elevate your cleanse to new levels. The 8000 sonic pulsations per minute intensify your cleanse for brighter, softer and dewier skin. Here’s how to use:


  1. Wash your hands before you begin
  2. Put a few drops of your cleanser onto your brush and apply to damp skin
  3. Gently massage into skin using a circular motion and move from your jawline upwards (avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes)
  4. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water

The final word: make it a routine

Don’t forget that routine counts in the cleanser game. Like with any form of self-care, using the right cleanser isn’t a one-time affair. Nor is it something that you do only when you remember. Find your perfect cleanser and make it a part of your nightly routine. Your skin will be delighted and soon enough, you will be too.