When it comes to choosing a moisturiser for your skin you’ll likely be looking for a hydrating and moisturising cream to help restore your skin back to its best. In this blog we’ll be looking at the best moisturisers for combination, oily, dry and every skin type and concern in between!


Why do I need a moisturiser?

Although we might know that moisturisers are important in any skincare routine as the final step, why do we really need a good moisturiser for our skin? A moisturiser is designed to add hydration, even skin tone and protect the skin from outside elements. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from bottles with pumps to jars with textures ranging from gels to lightweight creams that caress the skin in one. 

Often we’ll start our skincare journey with a baseline moisturiser, something to get us started that’s moisturising, not too greasy and adds a level of hydration to keep our skin feeling plump and firm. When we start to analyse our skin closer, we could be looking at signs of dullness, oiliness and sensitivity and our moisturiser needs to be tailored to fit that mould. 

Where does a moisturiser fit in my routine?

A moisturiser will be the last step in your routine, visit our blog about how to layer your skincare products for a deeper dive. But essentially because your moisturiser will generally be thicker in texture than your other skincare products and one which is a leave-on product, it’s best to have it at the end of your routine. 

You might also be asking, where does an SPF face moisturiser fit in my routine? Again this would the final step in your skincare routine as it’s a leave on product and many SPFs like our LIFE DEFENCE, can be layered on top of your moisturiser with no issue at all.


Which is the best moisturiser for me?

Sometimes finding the best moisturiser for you is trial and error, but if you have your skin type and any skin concerns in mind it’s easy to navigate to your moisturiser match.


What’s the best moisturiser for combination skin?

Often combination skin has this oily and dry battle, areas like your t-zone experiencing oiliness and then your cheeks exposed to the elements and causing dryness. To help rebalance your skin, absorb excess oil and target the drier areas with hydration, MOISTURE TO GO Balancing Moisturiser is the perfect combination moisturiser for you.


What’s a good cream for dry skin?

Leaning into what your skin needs at different times of the year with season weather changes is a great way to ensure your skin is feeling plumped, moisturised and youthful 24/7. Dryness appears in our skin when winter hits, less moisture in the air reducing the amount in our skin and harsher weather conditions strip our skin of its natural oils.

To restore hydration in the skin we love our DOUBLE CREAM Hydrating Moisturiser, as the name suggests it plumps and firms the skin with a good dose of moisture. Fusing science-led ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of the much hyped hyaluronic acid to lock-in moisture, with our Mediterranean botanicals. You may cook with olive oil, but did you know it’s a brilliant hydrating ingredient too? In DOUBLE CREAM it restores moisture and keeps skin soft and supple. 

Another good cream for dry skin is our BE STILL Settling Moisturiser, with the added benefit of prebiotics to settle and calm the skin which is often another skin concern that comes hand in hand with dry skin. Biolin is our prebiotic of choice, its aim is to help support the skin microbiome and stimulate the good bacteria in our skin! Alongside vitamins and antioxidants for stronger, healthier skin and Mediterranean botanicals to soothe and nourish the skin.


What’s the best moisturiser for mature skin?

Much like the seasons in the year, our skin changes as we grow older, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! You may have begun your teenage years with oily, blemish prone skin which has now developed into more mature skin which needs more hydration and targeted action for fine lines and wrinkles.

Two moisturisers perfect for mature skin are our SKIN TRUFFLE Ultra Radiance Moisture and TRUFFLE NOIR 24-Hour Skin Rejuvenation, both luxurious and indulgent for your skin. Starting with our glowy SKIN TRUFFLE that restores a natural healthy radiance to the skin in the form of ingredients like champagne, diamonds and gold actives. Our clever Happybelle-PE™ mimics the endorphin effect on the skin, that ‘just had good news glow’ and science-led fusions help stimulate the production of collagen and actively reduce the appearance of aging.

Next up the TRUFFLE NOIR 24-Hour Skin Rejuvenation is a great evening option or day moisturiser if you’d prefer the less glowy effect! With ultra nourishing ingredients of squalene and sodium hyaluronate to restore lost moisture from the day, combined with hematite extract to stimulate the production of collagen for plumped skin. And it wouldn’t be a Truffle product without luxe ingredients of platinum, silk and champagne!

Do I need a vitamin c moisturiser?

Yes! If your skin can often look dull, a little lacklustre and generally lacking in life in the morning, a good vitamin c moisture will help add brightness and a happy glow back into the skin. Our brand new vitamin c moisturiser, MOISTURE TO GLOW Radiance Moisture does all of that, and more! A gorgeous gel-cream texture that melts into the skin, with gold-encapsulated liposomal vitamin C and alpha arbutin as our radiance-boosting power couple. This vitamin c moisturiser delights the senses with uplifting sweet orange oil aroma, alongside Mediterranean botanicals of tomato, broccoli, mango and prebiotic dragon fruit to hydrate and smooth the skin. And if that’s not enough, a fusion of vitamin A, E and of course vitamin C encourage healthier skin overall.


What’s the best SPF face moisturiser?

If you’re asking yourself, how often do I need to apply SPF to my face? The answer is every day! Your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays every day, whether it’s cloudy and rainy or snowing, the rays can still penetrate your skin and cause damage to the lower levels of your skin. We’d recommend LIFE DEFENCE SPF30 or 50 on top of your usual moisturiser or instead of your moisturiser if you feel your skin gets a great level of hydration from your SPF.
LIFE DEFENCE is a super lightweight SPF face moisturiser that includes broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and blue-light protection, alongside great antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. It doesn’t leave a white cast or greasy feeling on the skin, simply effortlessly absorbing as you massage in.

What’s the best skin moisturiser for men?

While many of our moisturisers and products are unisex and can work for men, sometimes a product might work best for men’s skin type over anyone else’s! A great skin moisturiser for men is our new WELL BALANCED Purifying & Balancing Moisturiser, refreshing and hydrating the skin in a lightweight cream that absorbs excess oil and plumps the skin too. Beautiful Mediterranean botanicals of lemon, myrtle, rosemary and sage to refresh and purify, along with retinol and phytic acid to smooth away dead skin. Oh-so refreshing!

Our wonderful TRUFFLE DE-LIGHT Hydra-Gel Moisturiser is a perfect moisturiser option for men as it’s lightweight and adds a subtle healthy glow to the skin. The moisturiser helps mattify and rejuvenate tired skin, helping boost a youthful appearance and improve skin tone and balance overall.