It’s ‘Marvellous March’ already! This is the month I LOVE as it heralds the onslaught of Spring, the clocks change and don’t the birds just love us hearing their birdsong? We have the Easter festival long weekend and the garden bursts forth with daffodils, tulips and bluebells, I adore it as the air takes on a different feeling, clarity and colour. 

It’s a tradition in our household to have a good de-clutter this month. As we re-cycle, up-cycle, hoof out things for the dump, take a load to the charity shop and get the paint pot out to see what needs a refresh or even a whole new colour spectrum, the Warom’s are filled with joy and optimism! 

In the same way, in TEMPLESPA, we have been working for some time on a whole brand refresh. Our objective is always to feel fresh and relevant and we had come to realise the way in which customers shop for, and make choices about their skin care was changing. It used to be about determining your skin type and staying with that group of products for your whole regime. Nowadays, it’s more about what you’d like to achieve, what is the end result? What would like your skin to become? What is the texture you’re looking for, what results do you want to see in the mirror? 

So, we’ve de-cluttered, simplified and are thrilled with the result and we’re calling it TEMPLESPA Redefined!  

Our brilliant products take the best of Mediterranean botanicals such as olive, tomato, basil, aubergine and many more lush ingredients and fuse them with science-led properties like glycolic acid, sodium hyaluronate and retinol, which are fast becoming part of our everyday lexicon.  

Our new strapline captures this beautifully… 

Have a little journey around our website and you will see many touchpoints of newness and this will also be reflected in our spa treatments and in home spa experiences with Spa to Go. 

We’ve also refined our ranges, rather than focusing on skin type we’re now led by benefit so it’s easier for you to navigate your way around all of our products and find which is best for you. Take a moment to look at your skin and really think what benefits you could be getting from your skincare and go from there.

It could be your dull skin is craving something from our GLOW & RADIANCE range, or perhaps HYDRATE & SOOTHE sounds more like the range for your skin that needs a calming and nourishing hug. We also have PURIFY & BALANCE, a great option for those experiencing oiliness and breakouts, CULT CLASSICS which is where you’ll find REPOSE and WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, those extra additions to a basic skincare routine that we really couldn’t live without. Then finally our TRUFFLE BRILLIANCE, the luxurious Truffle range that is our more premium offering to add beautiful radiance and vitality back into the skin.

To add on to the newness we have, we’re launching two brand new products and have brilliant ingredient and sustainability updates of some current products for you, so let’s get into it. 

Joining our best-selling Glow & Radiance range is MOISTURE TO GLOW Radiance Moisturiser, bouncing tired, dull skin back to life with vitamin c, prebiotic dragon fruit, sodium hyaluronate and sweet orange oil. Its texture is a super lightweight gel, so perfect to add some glow back into your skin for the warmer months on their way.  

Alongside our vitamin c moisturiser, new WELL BALANCED Mattifying Moisturiser is a beautiful moisturiser that helps to purify and balance the skin, keeping oiliness at bay. We’ve combined Mediterranean botanicals of lemon, myrtle, rosemary and sage to help refresh, purify and soothe, alongside retinol and phytic acid to smooth away dead skin cells for an even skin texture. To tackle any oiliness prebiotic willow herb and tapioca starch help absorb that excess oil and control sebum levels for a shine-free complexion.  

And the good news keeps on the coming! QUENCH Deep Hydration Mask, BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Gentle Exfoliator and DUAL ACT Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion have brand new ingredients added, combining our love of the Mediterranean with new science-led ingredients that your skin will simply adore.  

Our wonderful BE STRONG and BE FIRM serums and MOISTURE TO GO and BE STILL moisturisers have had a recyclable update, changing their pumps and outer packaging so it can be popped into your normal recycling box once you’re finished with it. Across our products 92% are now recyclable and 75% use recyclable materials, which is brilliant to share with you all and there is still plenty of news on our sustainability journey to come. I did say it’s been a busy time for us! 


Wishing you all a beautiful March and Peaceful Easter weekend. 


Love, Liz x