Achieving glowing, radiant and healthy skin with the best routine is more than just using the right products for you, it’s also about how you layer your skincare to get the best results. With so many steps in our skincare routines it can be a tangled web to work out which product goes first. In this guide we’ll share everything you need to know about layering your skincare so you can get the best possible results for your skin.


Why do I need a skincare routine?

Starting with the basics on skincare routines and the purpose of one, naturally our skin experiences a lot of different environments each day from heat and humidity to cold frosts so having a skincare routine in place helps to protect and nourish the skin. On average we touch our face 23 times per hour which means we could be transferring whatever is on our hands onto our skin, which can cause issues such as breakouts, dullness and oiliness as our skin reacts to it.

A skincare routine will help keep the skin clean, refreshed, nourished and working to its best order. We’ve spoken about skin microbiome and what this means in this blog, but essentially helping support a healthy microbiome with the correct products helps promote glowing, radiant skin overall.

How to layer skincare products


1. Start with the lightest texture.

This is a rule of thumb to follow when layering your skincare, and when you think about it you wouldn’t start with your moisturiser first! A light cleanser followed with a liquid toner, serum and then finished with a cream moisturiser to lock everything in.


2. Follow the cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser and SPF steps

You can add in essences, masks etc. as extra steps but this should be your basic skincare routine steps. Again these are working across from thinner to thicker textures, which ensure the products are working to their best abilities.


3. Layer up your serums

Serums are the perfect candidates for layering, and you could be asking yourself ‘how do I layer serums?’ again our answer is go by texture. If you have a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum, follow it with a slightly creamier vitamin c brightening serum for example. We love to double up with LET’S CONCENTRATE Skin Glowing Serum, then BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum, leaving a few minutes between each application so the serums can absorb into the skin and do their best work.

4. Add an oil

A facial oil is a great option for overnight hydration and can be swapped instead of your usual moisturiser. Because of the deeply nourishing results you get from an oil we’d always put this last in a skincare routine, as any earlier then it could prevent water-based or thinner serums from reaching the skin barrier.


5. Try an aromatherapy night cream

At TEMPLESPA it’s part of our history to combine aromatherapy essential oils with gorgeous textures in our products, and that’s where REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream steps in. We’ve included a gorgeous melange of essential oils including frankincense, lavender and patchouli to instil a sense of calm and tranquillity for the mind and skin. As it’s a super moisturising texture this would be layered in as the last step in your skincare routine.


Does it matter if I layer my skincare in the wrong order?

It’s not life or death if you apply your skincare routine in the wrong order, but you won’t be getting the best out of your products or routine if you don’t have them working in the right order for you. You wouldn’t want to be cleansing away your freshly applied moisturiser would you?!


If you’d like to learn how to build a good skincare routine, what an evening skincare routine should look like and how to pick the right cleanser and moisturiser for you, visit our blogs!