If you’re anything like me, you’re probably relieved to see the snow drops, daffodils and crocuses out, hear the birdsong in the mornings and know that the clocks change this month! Much as winter has its own snuggling beauty, spring is on the way and boy, doesn’t it bring a sense of optimism?!

Spring for me is a chance to declutter, clean the windows, sort out cupboards and get a pot of paint out to freshen up some spaces, I love it. I bought a couple of yellow scatter cushions recently and along with an overstuffed vase of yellow daffs, couldn’t believe the change it brought to my all grey spare bedroom.

So it is with our spring skincare regime. If winter has taken its toll on your skin and it’s also a bit grey, haggard and in need of a blitz, here are some of my tried and tested adjustments to a spring routine to get the glow back. 4 stages – cleanse, exfoliate, mask and nourish will get you ship-shape and ready for the new season.

Triple cleanse

Cleansing is not only the first step in your skincare regime but one of the most important, and when it comes to spring cleaning your house you mean business right? Same goes for your skin, that’s why I recommend a triple. Not done it before? Don’t worry, it’s as simple as it sounds, you simply cleanse THREE TIMES and it takes less than three minutes, but the results are visibly different to one quick cleanse.

Your first cleanse will get rid of the daily dirt, pollution build up, bacteria, makeup and SPF; it’s the second cleanse that gives your skin that deep spring-clean, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. You can do this with the same cleanser, or for me I use two that have slightly different textures. The third cleanse is toner that removes any last traces of cleanser, refines and tones the skin and prepares it for serum/moisturiser. I love that squeaky-clean feel.

So, if you’re going to take my suggestion, here’s what I do.

I start with BE GONE cleansing crème. This is a gentle, yet super effective cleansing crème that has a luscious, elastic texture and it works even on the most fragile skin as it doesn’t drag, but it removes eye & facial make-up, flushing the pores and lifting off grime. This is removed with a hot damp cloth, but it’s also water-soluble so you can splash it off with warm water if that’s your preference.

My absolute desert island product is IN THE BEGINNING cleansing balm, I call it a ‘spa in a jar’ because the fragrance, texture and performance is to die for. This is my second cleanse and with its divine texture it sinks down into the pores, springing out deeper debris, then the crystallised beads polish the surface of the skin, melting and leaving the skin super clean, soft and hydrated. This is removed with TAKE IT OFF a lovely damp muslin cloth.

Finally my third cleanse is with TONING ESSENCE, applied on cotton pads, I sweep this over the face leaving it squeaky clean but not taut.


To keep my skin polished and bright, I exfoliate a couple of times a week using BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE It’s a gentle exfoliator that helps keep skin even, smooth and my moisturiser absorbs better.

Why exfoliate? It’s to remove dead skin cells which tend to build up especially over the winter months when our skin is much drier. Polishing your skin will stimulate blood flow, help with lymphatic drainage leaving your natural glow restored and skin looking and feeling fresh. If you keep it in the shower it can be used by your partner and teenagers too (only if you’re feeling generous!).


Why use one mask when you can use them all! I find masks fall into one of two categories, those that remove from the skin and those that restore to the skin. For spring cleaning, you want to focus on the first, those that remove. Use a mask that will draw out those unwanted impurities, congestion and overall unclog your pores as well as removing the top dull layer of skin, resurfacing and evening out skin tone. You won’t achieve all of this in just one mask, and if you take a closer looker at your skin, you’ll see it’s not the same all over. Personally, I find that my t-zone (not sure what this is? Draw a T across your face with your finger, start from your skin and run straight up to your brow, now cross the T running from one end of your brow to the other) the other is where my skin is bit more oily, can get congested and my cheeks and top of forehead more dry.

I tackle this by using PURFICATION deep cleansing mask across my t-zone and chin, and QUENCH hydration mask on my cheeks and neck.

Feed and nourish

Just like spring cleaning your home, once you’ve cleared out everything unwanted you freshen it up and make it look spotless and shining. Same goes for your skin, all that cleansing, purifying and resurfacing will have left your skin feeling smooth, skin tone more even and your natural radiance restored. Now feed all that goodness with a dose of hydration, nutrients and don’t forget to protect all that good work you’ve done. I like to reach for IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious boost facial oil which not only smells like a spa in a bottle, my skin drinks it up like an elixir and to top it off before I leave the house I use LIFE DEFENCE SPF 30 protecting moisturiser. This really is superfood for your skin that not only provides a plethora of antioxidant nutrients for your skin it protects against pollution, free-radicals, UVA/UVB, red, green and blue light too! Feather-light and gives giving you all the protection especially as the sun pops out to say hello!

Whatever the time of year, I devote an hour each Sunday to myself. For most of us our Sunday’s offer a little more time to rush less and be kind to ourselves, so this is a great time to give yourself some “me-time”. Our brand mantra is LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE WHO YOU ARE and I truly hope this will be your experience especially this spring



With love
Liz xx