To cleanse or not to cleanse….that is the question

Well obviously the answer is always cleanse, but why? It’s safe to say there are many people who are the ‘soap and water’ kind when it comes to cleaning their face. It’s cheap and your product never needs to leave the shower. Sounds like a winner to some I’m sure. That’s when you need to take a long, hard think about what you get up to in the shower. You stand under the shower for a bit, wash your face with soap, wash under your arms with the same soap, wash your… you know... with that very same soap and then repeat it the following day. Face - urgh!

The more we thought about it the more we thought, in most situations in life we recognise the need for a specialist. A specialist by definition is a person who specialises in or devotes themselves to a particular area of activity. We have the very same need for our skin. If you want the most effective use out of something or someone, they need to know what to do and what their focus is. We can’t have one product and expect it to be effective in every area of need on our face and body, it's strengths in one area would be completely wasted and unnecessary in another. Overall we have the same needs, but how they are fulfilled differs from person to person. Once you get over the thought process that one size fits and suits all, you’ll recognise the need for a good skin regime.

Every smart skin care ritual starts with a cleanse. The daily grind of life can start to take its toll on your skin and by cleansing it washes away the buildup of grime. A good cleanse gets that deep down dirt up and out of those pores, leaving your face feeling fresh and glowing from the inside out.

Knowing what cleanser to use is the next challenge. Again, we all have different skin types and actually at different times of year, our skin will have a different need. So it’s not a bad thing to mix them up every once and awhile. So here is our TEMPLESPA guide to cleansers:

BE GONE - A kind hearted cleansing lotion for Sensitive Skin

The gentlest way to say goodbye to those impurities. BE GONE is a richly formulated, state of the art, high-performance 'elastic' texture (i.e. not runny) 'springs' the debris from deep within the pores to ensure a really deep cleanse. Its ingredients are known to settle and soothe, and there is no fragrance and colour which can sometimes make super sensitive skin a bit cross. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, has anti-ageing benefits (which is always a good thing) and reduces the effect of stress on the skin.

DUAL ACT - Wet and dry cleansing lotion for combination skin 

Is it a gel or is it a cream? Actually it's both! This really clever formula when used dry works like a lotion that can be wiped off, or if splashed with water it can lather up and become a wash. Great for when you feel like washing off the daily grime, or for when you need a good lotion-cleanse to get rid of deeply embedded makeup or impurities. Either way it is perfect for a combination skin that needs balance, as it leaves the whole face clean and smooth without being taut. A paraben free, anti-ageing product with a unique telepathic formula which hydrates and absorbs oil in all the right spots. It knows just what your skin needs!

GOOD TO GO - Naturally normal foaming cleanser 

Simply put, goodness in a bottle. If you are blessed with pretty normal skin and love natural nutrition, then you will love this product. Developed for people on the go who need a quick yet effective wash-off cleanser that leaves the skin soft and nourished without feeling taut. Full of wonderful natural ingredients, amazing anti-ageing benefits, and paraben free and moisturising as well as cleansing! This is a big hit with both men and teenagers.

WAY TO GO - Cleansing gel for oily skin

This cool, refreshing rinse-off gel will remove grime, makeup and excess sebum, leaving your pores flushed and squeaky clean. Oily skin needs a regime of incredibly lightweight, low greasy products to keep oil at bay and skin feeling cool and fresh - the Way To Go formula does just that. Way to Go is lightweight and non-sticky, paraben free, soothes skin and has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties helping to restore that natural glow to your face.

IN THE BEGINNING - Cleansing balm for dry, thirsty, dehydrated or dull skin

In The Beginning is a highly concentrated cleansing balm containing beads that gently exfoliate the skin, before melting to release deeply cleansing ingredients and a rich vitamin complex that is delivered straight to the right skin layers. Your skin is left radiant, hydrated and dewy - positively glowing with health and vitality. The teeniest amount will ensure a deep cleanse and facial massage that is divine to use. You can expect serious results, and you'll look and feel like you have just had a holiday. It provides intensive nourishment for dry skin and once again has wonderful anti-ageing properties.

So the question to ask yourself is not “to cleanse or not cleanse” but rather “which cleanser is right for me?”

BE GONE 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Sensitive Skin Face Wash

The gentlest way to say goodbye!

GOOD TO GO 170 ml / 5.7 fl.oz.
Foaming Face Cleanser & Wash

Oh my goodness!

DUAL ACT 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Face Cleanser For Combination Skin

The telepathic performer!

WAY TO GO 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

A breath of fresh air!