We all know by now that the great basics of any skincare routine is cleanse, tone and moisturise, with the additional treats of masks, serums and eye treatments! But have you ever thought about what a facial toner does for your skin? Let’s get into it.

You’ll want to select your toner based on its benefits like hydration, exfoliation etc. and this would be based on what your skin needs in a daily routine. A great blend of two different types of toners would be a hydrating version in the morning, followed by an exfoliating option for the evening but this can be switched out for just a few times a week until your skin becomes more tolerant to exfoliating.  


What a toner can do for your skin

  1. Remove old traces of cleanser. You may think your double cleanse will have left your skin fresh and clean, but we bet there’s still some left behind along with makeup and impurities! Take your toner, add some to a cotton pad and sweep over your skin for your cleansing finale.
  2. Hydrates your skin. Look out for super moisturising ingredients to help restore hydration to your skin, leaving it plump and nourished. A great tip here is to apply your toner to slightly damp skin to help aid the absorption of it!
  3. Soothes and calms. With varying weather climates, skin can flare up and feel sensitive easily so a toner with soothing ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera and lavender can help settle it.
  4. Exfoliates. Toners with acids like AHAs glycolic, lactic or BHA salicylic acid have exploded onto the market in recent years as an alternative exfoliation to physical scrubs. These are great to add to your routine a few times a week to keep on top of dead skin cells.
  5. Prepares your skin for the next step. Regardless of what you’re choosing your toner for, they will leave your skin fresh and prepped for the next step of your routine.


What are the best TEMPLESPA toners?

We have two in our selection which tick all of the above benefits for your skin.

What does a facial toner do for the faceWhat does a facial toner do for the face

GLOWCOLIC Resurfacing Toner, £24

Our exfoliating toner for brighter, smoother and more even skin. This hardworking toner includes a blend of three alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs) glycolic, mandelic and lactic acids which work together to dissolve the ‘glue’ bonds holding dead skin cells to your skin so they can be lifted clean away! They also help boost the cell turnover process, so you have fresh, new skin cells reaching towards the surface. Add in natural acids from the Mediterranean of grape, apple, lemon and orange which are also rich in vitamin c, and you have a brightening, exfoliating toner on your hands!


TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol, £20 

This is a great daily facial toner for your skin, it packs a hydrating punch and is wonderfully calming and soothing for the skin. The light and refreshing texture is inspired by ingredients from the Mediterranean like tomato, melon, basil, rosemary and more! It refines and tones with a gentle formula that’s pH balanced to leave skin feeling and looking healthy and happy. It can also double up as a hydrating facial mist, pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect in the warmer seasons.