When it comes to those colder winter months often you can find your skin becoming drier and flaky as there’s less moisture in the air and our lightweight summer skincare products just aren’t cutting it anymore. We’ll answer your questions on the best skincare products for dry skin and expert tips on what to look out for, and before you know it your skin will be plumped and hydrated again! 


Why do I get dry skin?

Essentially your skin is losing more moisture than what it’s getting in and this can be for a myriad of reasons! From taking too many hot showers and using products that strip essential oils to your age, hormones and skin conditions which can be out of your control. It’s important to recognise the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, so head to our blog to learn about the differences. Once you recognise your dry skin then there are some simple changes you can do to help.


What ingredients help dry skin?

You’re going to want to look out for hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, olive oil, ceramides and glycerin to name but a few! At TEMPLESPA we harness the benefits of science-led ingredients which are proven to have brilliant results, with Mediterranean botanicals that help boost the overall product. You’ll find we’re paraben free and label where our products are vegan, have nuts and are suitable for those pregnant.

What’s the best skincare routine for dry skin?

Bookmark this guide for whenever you need a reminder and the best dry skin product recommendations!



The beginning of every skincare routine will start with a cleanser, either it’s helping lift away sleep dust and oils from overnight or your makeup and SPF from during the day. You’ll be looking for a cleanser which talks about hydration, nothing that’s too stripping of your skin’s natural oils and helps to leave skin plump and glowing.

For the morning, nothing quite energises our skin like EASY GLOWING Transforming Cleansing Gelée. It’s a gel cleanser which transforms into an oil when massaged in, and then finally a hydrating milk. This is the best cleanser for dry skin as it’s supporting your microbiome with prebiotics from Dragon Fruit and boosting dullness, which is often a common sign of dry skin, with a hit of vitamins and vitamin C.

When it comes to our evening cleanse we love IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt, it’s one of our best sellers and award-winners after all! The buttery balm texture has added vitamin E for nourishment and olive oil which we know is a great hydrating ingredient. The texture has tiny crystalline pieces which help to exfoliate, leaving the skin dewy and bouncy. Another great contender for the best cleanser for dry skin!



Often we’ll be asked, but what does a toner really do? It is an essential part of the preparation in your skincare routine, because you’ll want all the steps to be 100% effective don’t you? Your toner will help prepare and balance your skin for the next steps and, depending on what you choose, it’ll have added benefits to it.

Take our new BE QUIET Soothing Milky Toner that has all the goodness to calm, settle and hydrate the skin. It’s creamy texture sinks into the skin, with prebiotics to help support the skin’s microbiome and niacinamide to boost the skin’s barrier. In the best toner for dry skin we’ve also included squalene for extra hydration and Alpine rose which reduces inflammation and adds protection. 


If you don’t have a serum in your skincare routine or you’re not yet convinced of them, head to our blog on all about the benefits of a serum before coming back here! They’re small but mighty highly targeted products that use top performing ingredients for particular skin concerns.

When it comes to a face serum for dry skin, BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum ticks all the boxes. It’s designed to help support weak skin with a cocktail of vitamins, liquorice extract and Mediterranean botanicals that hydrate and restore skin’s softness. Simply pat in the serum into your skin and leave for a few moments to absorb before following with the next step in your skincare routine. Serums work over a long period of time so you may not see immediate results, but keep on top of a regular application and you’ll reap the benefits in no time!


Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes are super delicate and thinner than the rest of our face so it requires more TLC. You’ll want to use the softest touch from your ring finger to gently pat in your eye cream until absorbed, you’ll see no rubbing or stretching the skin here!

WINDOWS OF THE SOUL Hydrating Eye Treatment Gel-Cream aids in reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with soothing ingredients and a velvet light formula. Our combination of cucumber, echinacea, eyebright and edelweiss cool and refresh the eyes, while helping tone and brighten.


The final part of a skincare routine for dry skin would of course be a moisturiser! A super nourishing product to restore hydration and keep skin looking plump, glowing and healthy. A moisturiser will act as a barrier for your skin, protecting from outside elements and ensuring a smooth and soft base. 

The best moisturiser for dry skin is our DOUBLE CREAM Hydrating Moisturiser, a rich and creamy texture that absorbs into the skin to leave it feeling restored and radiant. We’ve included Mediterranean botanicals of olive, avocado, red pepper, horse chestnut and blackberry which are known for their hydrating properties for parched skin. 

Don’t forget your SPF too! LIFE DEFENCE SPF 30/50 High Protection Moisturiser works perfectly on top of your moisturiser for an added layer of protection from the sun rays and environmental elements. 


Extra: Mask

Normally this wouldn’t feature in your every day skincare products for dry skin, but an extra you can slot in after cleansing once or twice a week. Our mask for dry skin is QUENCH Rejuvenating Mask, which as the name suggests restores hydration levels in the skin fast. The luxuriously creamy texture is packed with moisturising ingredients to brighten, firm and tone the skin. You can apply and leave it for 10 minutes or use as an overnight mask for extra hydration for dry skin!