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  • Claire Rother: What Mental Health Means To Me

    Claire Rother MSc is a somatic practitioner, mind-body expert, holistic coach and integrative health specialist with over 10 years’ experience. Here she shares her mental health experience and journey with us.

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  • Rosie Underwood: What Mental Health Means To Me

    Rosie Underwood is a teacher and specialist in Vinyasa flow with positive psychology, alongside being a holistic and integrative health coach and freelance journalist. Rosie shares her mental health awareness and journey with us:

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  • What Are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils have long been part of the beauty and home fragrance world, creating evocative, sensual and powerful blends. At TEMPLESPA we love to use essential oils in our aromatherapy relaxing and energising ranges, we believe essential oils are a brilliant tool to enhance and support our soul health.

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  • 5 Ways To Wellbeing

    October is our wellness and wellbeing month at TEMPLESPA, where we highlight the importance of looking after both your physical wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes the world of wellbeing and wellness can seem to be overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start. That’s where the 5 Ways To Wellbeing comes into play.

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  • How To Create The Best Self-Care Sunday

    “Oooh I’m going to take a self-care day!” “What’s your self-care Sunday routine?” are the many questions and comments we get at TEMPLESPA. Treating our soul health and skin health to a true TEMPLESPA experience is one of the reasons why we’re an award-winning brand. Let’s get into what a self-day Sunday (or any day!) would look like at TEMPLESPA.

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