Rewind a decade or two and menopause was barely spoken of. Referred to in hushed voices as “the change”, many women were approaching this important stage of life with absolutely no idea what to expect. Thankfully, the conversation is finally getting the airtime it deserves. With celebrities like Davina McCall and Gwyneth Paltrow openly discussing their experiences, menopause is no longer under the radar. For this blog, we’ve combined our in-depth knowledge of skincare with our expert panel’s knowledge on the menopause to find our top five ways to care for menopausal skin. We’ve also compiled a list of TEMPLESPA products that are perfect to help you balance skin changes.


What happens to skin during menopause?

Hot flushes, brain fog, sleepless nights, we know a fair bit about how menopause can affect the body and brain but how much do you know about how it can affect your skin? There are two major factors to consider when caring for menopausal skin. 


1. Collagen levels fall
Collagen levels fall pretty dramatically during menopause, it’s said that collagen in the skin falls by around 30% during the first five years of menopause and then by around 2% every year after that. The skin also becomes thinner. Collagen maintains skin elasticity, volume and moisture so it follows that a major dip could result in drier skin, less skin firmness and more pronounced lines and wrinkles.


2. Oestrogen levels drop 
Unsurprisingly, oestrogen levels also drop during menopause. Oestrogen has been shown to increase water retention and improve barrier function without it, skin may be dry, itchy and prone to irritation.

How can I take care of menopausal skin?

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to care for your skin to keep it looking fresh, vibrant and well-cared for. Menopause isn’t the end of your youth, it’s simply a transition into a new way of taking care of yourself and, what’s more, multiple studies have shown that we get happier as we get older(1) so consider it a step on the road to you at your happiest! Check out our top 5 tips for taking care of menopausal skin.


1. Re-assess your skincare regime during menopause
Given the points above, it’s likely that your skin will change during menopause. The lowering of collagen and oestrogen may make your skin drier which could mean your usual products simply don’t offer adequate hydration anymore. Your skin may become more sensitive, meaning that the product that you once swore by now irritates your skin. Reassess your skincare regime, if your skin is drier, add in more hydration. If your skin is suddenly prone to redness and irritation, do some trial and error testing to see if your existing products are exacerbating any issues.


2. Consider introducing retinols, peptides and vitamin C 
 Various studies have indicated that retinols (2) and peptides (3) can increase the levels of collagen in your skin, making it ideal for use during menopause and beyond. Our wonderful Truffle range is rich in skin-loving encapsulated retinols, which provide the efficacy of retinol with less irritation. Similarly, vitamin C can increase collagen and hyaluronic acid levels in the skin for youth-promoting benefits. Check out our Glow range for a hearty dose of vitamin C directly for skin.

3. Protect menopausal skin from the sun
 It’s a well-established point that exposure to the sun can speed up the ageing process. The sun’s rays can penetrate the skin and damage collagen fibres seeding up “photoaging”. The good news? Wearing a daily SPF 50 can help hugely with this. We’d recommend starting today, whatever your age.


4. See a professional for menopause skincare
Seeing a skin specialist or dermatologist could work wonders for your skin. If you’re a little overwhelmed by the changes to your skin and don’t know where to start, then a skincare professional will be able to point you in the right direction.

At TEMPLESPA, we offer dedicated a menopause treatment for mind, body and soul. Book in and our TEMPLESPA partners will be able to advise on the best products for your skin.

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5.Use the right products for your skin
If you know your skin has changed but you’re at a bit of a loss as to what could help, take a look at our menopause skin recommendations and hear more from our panel of menopause experts here

Which is the best cleanser for menopausal skin?

As your skin changes, it follows that what you require from your cleansing routine will change too. If you’ve noticed skin becoming oiler and more prone to blemishes then try our multi-award-winning IN THE BEGINNING cleanser. This buttery formula will give a super deep, double clean and leave skin wonderfully hydrated. All TEMPLESPA products are eminently suitable for sensitive skin but if you’ve noticed increased sensitivity and loss of elasticity, try our wonderfully gentle, pre-biotic BE GONE cleanser.


Which toner is best for use during menopause?

Our exceptional TONING ESSENCE is the perfect addition to your cleansing routine during menopause. We like to refer to it as ‘a Mediterranean salad in a bottle’ thanks to its sumptuous ingredient list that includes tomato, lemon, melon and basil. Not only will TONING ESSENCE remove deeply embedded debris for a fresh and blemish-free complexion, it can also act as a wonderful facial spritz to cool you down during hot flushes.

Best serums to use during menopause

If you’ve noticed more skin irritation than usual during the stages of menopause, then our firming BE STRONG serum is the perfect skin strengthening formula. Penetrating to the lower levels of the epidermis, this skin-loving serum reduces visible redness and leaves skin feeling hydrated and cared for. 

If, on the other hand, dullness seems to be the main change your skin is facing then our LET’S CONCENTRATE serum has been described as radiance, bottled. With a potent cocktail of Vitamin C, alpha arbutin and Sodium Hyaluronate, this formula can help to reduce age spots and provide skin with a wonderfully healthy glow.


Why do I need an eye cream during menopause?

Lower collagen production, increased water loss and thinning skin mean dark circles are commonplace during menopause. Thankfully, WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, our most-re-ordered product, is the perfect antidote. With eyebright, milk thistle and edelweiss, WINDOWS OF THE SOUL is a super light eye-gel balm that cools and detoxifies for bright and youthful eyes.


Which moisturiser should I use during menopause?

For rough, red and stressed out skin, our BE STILL hydrating facial moisturiser is the answer. The kind and gentle prebiotic has a texture like liquid silk and will sink into skin to leave it smoothed and settled. 

If hormone fluctuations have taken their toll and your skin is in desperate need of extra special attention, then our super luxe hydra-gel TRUFFLE DE-LIGHT could be the one for you. Rich in amino acids, minerals and skin-loving sugars, this sumptuous moisturiser contains gold and silk actives as well as rose quartz and black summer truffles.


How can I combat crepey skin during menopause? 

If our eyes are the first thing to give us away during menopause then our necks are the second. EXALT is a cashmere-textured gel-cream that can be used to help firm, lift and tighten the neck and decolletage.


The final word on skincare during menopause

Great skin, even during menopause, isn’t rocket science. Pay attention to how your skin has changed and treat it accordingly. And remember, our TEMPLESPA spa partners may be able to help.