While we don’t like to admit that summer is over, the grey skies are a constant reminder that autumn is almost upon us. Throughout the year our skin changes so we should adjust our product use accordingly and the new season is a great time to take stock and remedy any damage skin has suffered over summer and help to strengthen it in preparation for winter.

If you have been doing a wardrobe or lifestyle detox why not use the opportunity to do the same with your skincare cabinet to ensure that the products in your routine are meeting your current skin needs. Here are some tips to help your skin through Autumn and ensure it is in the best shape for Winter...

Begin as you mean to go on

Autumn is all about nourishing skin, helping it to recover from summer and prepping it for winter and this should start from the first step of your routine. One of our favourite ways to prepare our skin for cooler weather is by kicking off our skincare routine with our nourishing cleansing balm In The Beginning which not only ensures a nutritious intense cleanse but also polishes and brightens to give a ‘just had a facial’ feeling every time you cleanse your face! It delivers rich Vitamin E straight to your skin, without drying or stripping skin and gently removes daily impurities whilst rejuvenating dull looking skin leaving it feeling dewy and positively glowing. It’s known around the office as a spa in a jar and is one of those ‘desert island products’ that we can’t live without!

Prep your canvas

As winter approaches you may switch to richer products so it a good idea to start prepping your skin now to ensure that it is as healthy as possible before the cold weather begins. Serums are the perfect product to introduce to your routine if you haven’t already as they are highly effective at treating specific skin concerns whether you are suffering from dryness, blemishes, redness, dull or ageing skin. They have a lightweight formula that is made up of smaller molecules than moisturisers so they can penetrate deeper into skin and deliver a boost of key actives (such as vitamins, antioxidants and peptides) to the cells where they are needed most (you can find an in-depth guide to serums here).

BE STRONG 30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz.
Strengthening & Brightening Serum

Nutrition booster!

BE FIRM 30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz.
Lifting & Anti-Ageing Serum

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Don’t ditch your SPF

Just because the weather has cooled and the skies are grey doesn’t mean you can retire your SPF for the year. Your skin is still at risk of damage from UVA radiation (the ageing rays) which can penetrate clouds and glass and are present all year round. If you want to skip a step in your routine then use a moisturiser with SPF. Life Defence is a feather light moisturiser that contains broad-spectrum SPF 25 to help protect skin against UVA & UVB damage. It is formulated with an antioxidant complex with rocket, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which create a barrier of protection against skin-ageing free radicals and environmental damage.

LIFE DEFENCE SPF30 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
High Protection SPF Moisturiser

Your front line skin defender!

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Keep Glowing

Don’t let the change of season stop you from having a radiant glow! Using radiance boosting skincare is a great place to start and to further emphasis your fresh and glowing skin pair it with some subtle bronze and highlight. A quick sweep of All A Glow will transform your complexion in a flash; the handy compact combines bronzer, blush and highlight for a glorious lustre. The velvety formula is bursting with nourishing skin-conditioning oils and clever micronised pearl technology designed for versatile and buildable colour, giving a radiant healthy-looking glow to any complexion.

A hands on approach

As the air becomes drier we need to pay attention to more than the skin on our faces, this is a good time of year to give a little TLC to your hands. The skin on our hands is thinner than on our face and therefore more prone to cracking as well as to the signs of ageing. That’s why we’ll be keeping Palm Balm in our desk drawers, handbags and bedside tables and it has been reformulated to bring even more skin goodness. It ensures that skin remains hydrated by replacing lost moisture, it helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and creates a protective barrier against free radicals leaving our hands feeling silky smooth and looking brighter and younger, our favourite combination!

PALM BALM 75 ml / 2.5 fl.oz
Luxury Hand Cream for Dry Skin

Probably the best hand cream you’ll ever use!