We all know how important it is to cleanse our skin each morning and evening, and traditionally a cream or gel cleanser is what we use but cleansing balms are fast making a name for themselves in the skincare world. In this blog we’ll be talking about how to use a cleansing balm and what double cleansing is all about!


What is a cleansing balm?

A cleansing balm is a slightly thicker texture than a cream or gel cleanser and generally found in a pot. They’re designed to work harder to lift away your makeup, oils and SPF you’ve worn throughout the day and most you’ll find work perfectly for sensitive skin and around the eye area too.

You’ll find these need massaging into the skin to breakdown their texture, generally most change from a balm to an oil which you can then emulsify with water. What stands out about using a cleansing balm is how luxurious it feels, because you need to massage it around your skin, so it feels like you’re giving yourself a mini facial at the same time too!

How do you use a cleansing balm?

We’d recommend using a cleansing balm in your evening routine, they can work in your morning slot as well if you really enjoy the experience of a balm texture! Often the question of ‘how much cleanser should you use’ is asked when it comes to balm cleansers, we recommend you take a small amount into your palms, roughly the size of a bean, then massage in your hands before applying to the skin. Use gentle circular movements to move the cleanser around the skin, focusing on areas where you’re wearing makeup or need a super deep cleanse.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed, use a muslin cloth damp with warm water to gently polish away the cleanser, again using circular movements and changing the position of the cloth. Your skin should be left refreshed, cleansed and glowing!


How often should you double cleanse?

We’d recommend a double cleanse in the evening, and a cleansing balm is a great first cleanse to really get to work on removing makeup, oils and SPF your skin has had and collected throughout the day. You can use the same cleanser twice or opt to have a different cleanser as your second option, and having a muslin cloth to help remove your cleansers is a great way to really ensure everything is removed and your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Which is the best cleansing balm?

One of our best-selling products and favourite at TEMPLESPA is IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt. Our ultra-nourishing, buttery balm has unique crystalline pieces which gently exfoliate, before melting away as you massage it in, leaving skin glowing and super smooth! With vitamin E to add hydration and help repair dry, damaged skin and Mediterranean ingredients of calendula flower extract, olive fruit oil, basil, clary oil and lavender oil to protect, restore and soften the skin.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it, 89% from our independent trial said it left their skin feeling super clean and 85% agreed it left their skin with a ‘just had a facial feeling’. And not only that but 69% of users agreed this is the best cleansing balm they’ve ever used!

If you’re looking for a cleansing balm for oily skin or something that can work for sensitive skin, IN THE BEGINNING is suitable for all skin types so everyone can enjoy this award-winner.


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