Tips for younger, brighter looking eyes

Whenever you are rundown or trying to spread yourself too thinly your eyes are one of the first places to give it away. We would love to give you a few extra hours in the day or a helping hand but what we can do is help you hide those telltale signs. Following these tips won’t miraculously reverse the signs of aging (unfortunately wrinkles and under eye bags are inevitable) but we can will help you mask the reality of late nights, a busy schedule or a stressful period with these tips and tricks. As we all know youthful, bright eyes not only boost your appearance but they also signify health and even happiness, which is always a winning combination!

Catch Some zzzzs

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You are probably well aware that the dark circles under your eyes are even more evident after a bad night’s sleep this is because lack of sleep causes blood vessels under each eye to dilate which creates a dark tint. Tiredness can also make the eye area appear puffy. Getting more sleep is sometimes easier said than done and if this is something that you struggle from try some of our tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

Eyes Wide Open

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For those days that you wake up with puffy eyes that just won’t open even after your morning cup of coffee, you could try a soothing eye lotion that can bring instant comfort to your tired eyes. Eyes Wide Open contains a plethora of botanicals, including witch hazel, rosewater, eyebright and cornflower that will tone, soothe skin and give sleepy eyes a gentle wake up. It cools and rejuvenates eyes, reducing puffiness and inflammation and putting the ‘twinkle’ back in your eyes. For those in serious of reviving try placing the bottle in the fridge a few minutes before use. Eyes Wide Open can also be used to give eyes relief from the irritation caused by hay fever.

Go Easy On Your Eyes

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Rubbing your eyes can cause premature ageing and wrinkles. If allergies are causing you to rub your eyes, try treating them with an antihistamine and beware of tugging and pulling at your eyes when removing eye make-up.

If you find that your eyes are irritated when washing your face try using a separate eye make-up remover as these are specifically formulated for the gentle eye area. Go Easy is a gentle yet effective eye make-up remover which is formulated with anti-ageing ingredients of eyebright, cornflower and glycerine that help to soothe, condition and revive tired eyes. It’s refreshing formula gently removes all traces of eye make-up without irritation.

Eye Cream Essentials

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As windows to your soul your eyes often show the effects of an unhealthy or busy lifestyle. We are all familiar with the tell-tale puffy eyes and dark circles when we haven’t had enough sleep or we have been indulging in too much salt, caffeine or alcohol. An eye cream can help tackle these issues and bring your eyes back to their former glory.

Look for a soothing, nourishing and hydrating eye cream to help treat puffiness. Vitamin A helps to build up collagen and strengthen as well as thicken the under eye area. If dark circles are standing in the way of appearing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed then look for an eye cream with Vitamin C or Vitamin B3 as they help to reduce discolouration and brighten the undereye area as well as strengthen the skin’s barrier locking in moisture. Vitamin C not only protects skin from environmental damage that cause fine lines but it also rejuvenates and revitalises skin.

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Steer Clear Of Salt

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High levels of sodium causes your body to retain water, which not only leads to bloating but can also cause the skin under your eyes to appear more pronounced and puffy. To help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes reduce your intake of salty foods and avoid adding extra salt to meals. Ensuring that you drink plenty of water can also help to flush out the extra salt.

Watch Where You Rest Your Head

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Sleeping with an extra pillow minimises water retention and fluid build up which causes bags come morningtime. To wake up looking fresh consider investing in a silk pillowcase as they don’t pull or crease your skin which minimises the appearance of wrinkles and reduces puffiness.

Blur and Perfect

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For a quick fix use It’s All A Blur to instantly minimise crow’s feet, fine lines and help to perfect the skin around the eye area and erase the tell tell signs of ageing to give the illusion of younger looking eyes. With anti-ageing red clover and pomegranate It’s All A Blur works to smooth imperfections and give your complexion a flawless youthful finish.

Brighten and Conceal

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When all else fails reach for your concealer to help banish the telltale signs of fatigue, perk up your eye area and camouflage dark circles and fine lines. Glint is an adjustable coverage concealer that hides dark circles, imperfections and fine lines bringing a bright radiant touch to your eye area.

Go Natural

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Lining your inner lids with a nude pencil is a quick trick to appearing more bright-eyed and awake. A soft beige or nude is more natural than using a white pencil so you will appear well rested regardless of how hectic your life really is.

Protection and Prevention

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Wearing sunglasses is an easy way to keep eyes looking healthy and youthful as it protects eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as preventing squinting which causes wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.

Sunglasses and eye cream are great ways to protect and treat eye concerns but they don’t replace the need for sun cream. The delicate skin around your eye area needs protection from the sun as much, if not more, than the rest of your face to avoid adverse effects from the sun such as fine lines, crow’s feet and dark spots.