Wellness In The Workplace

Wellness is a buzzword of the moment, but what does it really mean?  We believe it’s about taking care of your overall well-being.  It is often associated with a healthy lifestyle, Many people associate wellness with a healthy lifestyle, but it goes way beyond the general health. It also encompasses a positive outlook on your mind, body, and soul, and the great news is that this is something we have more control over than health.

Many of us spend a huge amount of time at our places of work, so it really is essential to ensure that you are caring for your wellbeing whilst at work.  

Some of the ways that you can improve your wellness in the workplace could include:

  • Working in a place that brings you joy and satisfaction
  • Ensuring that you have a good work/life balance
  • Building strong relationships with co-workers and executives in your industry
  • Setting career goals that foster positive growth and professional development
  • Focusing on the positive aspects of your career and find ways to minimize or remove the negative aspects
  • Establishing strong workplace habits to maximize productivity
  • Scheduling time for innovative thinking and professional development
  • Attending industry conventions

Another way to give yourself a moment of Repose whilst at work are to follow our simple tips and techniques.

  • BREATH OF LIFE is a beautiful aromatherapy essence.  Pop a few drops on a tissue or inhale it straight from the bottle for immediate relief from a fuzzy head, an instant energy boost or a clearer mind.   
  • Spritz QUIETUDE when you feeling stressed. The wonderful soothing aromas of this Mediterranean inspired aromatherapy spray will help take away all your stress and tension, leaving you wrapped in peace a relaxation and turning your work space into a spa.  
  • Follow our De-stress Ritual.    Whenever guests visit one of our spas, we commence every single treatment with a Temple Spa Ritual.  We often carry stress in our body and in our skin too, so with a few simple steps in the workplace you will hopefully begin to ease some of the tensions you find yourself carrying. 
  • Sit up straight and gently push your back into the chair.
  • Relax and drop your shoulders.
  • Turn the head slowly to the right, then back through the centre, then to the left.
  • Roll the head down very gently towards your chest, bring it to the centre and backwards – no jerking, keep everything smooth and fluid.
  • Complete a head roll.
  • Rotate your Ankles
  • Do some toe taps
  • Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards.
  • Pop a bit of AAAHHH on to the back of your necks – this is a cooling and refreshing gel-balm which treats you to a quick revival and rescue.  It’s also wonderfully soothing for aching feet and libs.  It contains dandelion, a great diuretic to help reduce swelling, lavender that cleanses, and menthol that soothes aches and pains.  Its great to use on your shoulders too! 
  • And finally REPOSE is an amazing Aromatherapy Resting Cream, for whenever you, or your skin, want to take a rest.  When at work you probably won’t want to use on your face, so we suggest massaging into your pulse points.  This will help relieve anxiety and bring you a sense of calm.  Massage a little into your temples in small circular motion, breathe deeply and relax.

If you need to create a moment of peace at work, then check out our fabulous ALL BEING WELL wellness kit.

Or if you would like to book one of our Wellness In The Workplace Classes then click here to find out more.