5 Hand Care Tips for the Autumn

Suffering from rough, lacklustre and dry hands this Autumn? We’ve all been there. We spend so much time looking after our face that we tend to overlook any maintenance that is essential for healthy and hydrated hands. Which is a bit silly if you think about it as your hands are always on show and one of the first areas of the body to display the tell-tale signs of ageing. It’s time to give skincare for the hands some air-time this Autumn.

So, here’s some hand care tips and tricks from our expert Spa Training Team, who see first 'hand' the effects that the Autumn has on the hands.


Our 5 Step Autumn Skincare Advice for Your Hands and Nails

1. Get your Beauty Sleep & Apply Hand Cream Before Bed

IT'S ALL GOOD 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.
Nutritious Boost Facial Oil

Beauty is skin deep


Your skin works at night and naturally repairs itself while you sleep. That’s why we recommend applying a hand cream before you go to bed so that the beneficial ingredients are made to work harder than they would in the daytime. We love using our PALM BALM award winning hand cream (currently on offer - Save £14) as it helps to hydrate and restore the look of youthful hands as well as smoothe and even skin tone.


2. Give Your Nail Cuticles Some TLC

Massaging a nourishing skincare oil like IT’S ALL GOOD, or our famous IN THE BEGINNING deep cleansing skin cleanser melt into your cuticles every night over the Autumn will help to soften and nourish them, as typically cuticles consist of dry and tough skin. This supports healthy nail growth and ensures your less likely to suffer from those nasty hang nails.


IN THE BEGINNING 75g / 2.5 fl.oz.
Deep Pore & Exfoliating Cleanser

A hand-blended facial in a jar!


3. All the Gear, No idea! The Secret to Perfect Nails

The secret to perfect nails is in the filing. Always file from side to centre, to avoid splitting and encourage healthy nail growth.


QUENCH 65 ml / 2.1 fl.oz.
Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenating Mask for Dry Skin

Drench & quench to life!


4. Hear it From the Professionals - Autumn Hand Care Secret

If you’re hands are feeling super dry and uncomfortable due to the Autumn weather, we recommend applying a thin layer of QUENCH deep moisturising mask to your hands, then wrap them in cling-film and leave for 20 minutes. This will deeply moisturise your hands leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. We’ve pinched this tip from our top spa and skincare therapists who offer this service as a Autumn / cold weather hand treatment. You heard it here first! 


5. Don't Skip the Basics - Nail Base Coat & Varnish

Last but not least, always apply a base coat like BASE & TOP COAT IN ONE under your colour to avoid staining the nail and to protect your nail bed (the part of the nail that’s ‘live’) from any damage or irritations. Then finish by applying a good quality nail varnish from our EVERY GIRLS DREAM nail treat collection.

If you follow our 5 step Autumn hand care tips you'll give your hands the perfect chance to stay moisturised, healthy and looking tip top throughout the season!