At all times of the year our hands are in need of hydration and protection in the form of a hand cream. It might be the type of work or activities you do, the varying degrees of weather or simply day-to-day that has our dry hands crying out for TLC. Step in our luxury hand cream, PALM BALM Nourishing Hand Cream to restore dry hands. 


Let’s start with, what’s causing my dry hands?

We touched on a few of the areas where dry hands can be the result, so let’s put that into context. You live in a cold or low-humidity climate that means there’s less moisture in the air and hands suffer from this massively without a lending hand from a hand cream for dry skin. Alongside working roles like chefs, nurses, doctors or any profession where regular handwashing is a must, this strips the natural oils from your hands and if using stripping soap or wash, often causes extra dry hands that could be avoided. 

Not forgetting the structure of the skin on our hands is different to other areas of our body. A lack of sebaceous glands that produce oil and keep everything well lubricated, hardly any fatty tissue to keep the skin’s structure plump and in general a thin skin structure than can result in sensitivity. 

What’s the ideal routine for dry hands?

Prep: If we’re talking about a full hand care routine, then preparation with a scrub is essential. What we love to use is SUGAR BUFF Smoothing Body Scrub, a deeply nourishing sugar scrub with sweet almond shell powder to exfoliate and olive oil to lock in moisture. 

Use gentle circular motions and focus on areas that need targeted smoothing action, like the thumbs and around the cuticles to help soften hard skin. 


Treat: This might not be a daily step, but it’s great to keep on top of! First starting with cuticles we’d opt for a targeted treat like our FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Nail & Cuticle Treatment Serum and apply to each cuticle. A small amount goes a long way here, then massage it in to soften and nourish them.

We’ve added a cocktail of 65 power-minerals and nourishing oils to improve the condition of nails and cuticles which have been weakened by the day-to-day. 


Nourish: The step everyone knows, hand cream. If you’re choosing a hand cream for dry hands then PALM BALM Nourishing Hand Cream hydrates and smooths with vitamin C and E, jojoba oil and aloe vera too. But we call this more than just a hand cream for dry skin, it’s a luxurious treatment that works for short and long-term hand care solution. 

If you want that extra nourishment then you can add in an oil, like our DRIFT AWAY and IN GOOD SPIRITS Bathing & Massage Oils, simply pick which aromatic blend you’d like to try! Massage a small amount across your palms, focus on the cuticles and nails and areas between your fingers – best applied before you go to bed to allow extra absorption for the oil. 

What’s the best hand cream for dry hands?

For an everyday top up of moisture and protection, PALM BALM Nourishing Hand Cream is a luxury hand cream to have nearby to apply, massage and get on with your day. It’s a fast absorbing vitamin packed formula that ensures the skin remains hydrated, unlike many hand creams for dry hands.

PALM BALM also does the job of protecting your hands from outside elements and causing early ageing, like reducing the appearance of age spots with vitamin C and creating a barrier against free radicals too!

And if you really do need more convincing, let the user trials explain all:

98% said this hand cream absorbs quickly into the skin

94% said this hand cream leaves my hands feel instantly softer

85% said the hand cream improves the condition of my cuticles

76% said the hand cream reduced the signs of ageing on their hands

*based on a panel size of 58


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